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Sep 3, 2010 06:48 PM

Amsterdam's Jordaan Neighborhood

Any suggestions for lunch or dinner in the Jordaan? Seeking casual restaurants with good food and wine.

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  1. de Struisvogel. Small World Catering.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Struisvogel and Small World Catering are great options! Small World has huge sandwiches and other snacks and is the friendliest place in town.

      Here are some more ideas:
      - Cafe de Tuin for beers and local scene before / after dinner
      - Pizzeria La Perla for thin crust pizza sitting around a large communal table
      - Eetcafe de Reiger for typical Dutch style casual dining
      - Burgermeester for freshly made burgers with unusual ingredients
      - Koevoet for Italian home-style food in a very Dutch decor

      Have fun!


      1. re: dutchgrub

        I was hoping you might post. I had searched your sight but wasn't sure how to narrow it down to the area we are staying. Your options sound wonderful. If we decide to spurge a bit do you have another Jordaan option for us for a special dinner?

        1. re: Tripper

          Bordewijk comes to mind for a splurge.

          1. re: Klary

            Agree with Bordewijk for a splurge. De Belhamel is another option on Brouwersgracht, one of the prettiest parts of the Jordaan.

            And of course Balthazar's Keuken, which is on my list of best Amsterdam restaurants and towards the southern end of the Jordaan.


            1. re: dutchgrub

              We had a great dinner at De Belhamel 2 years ago. It's hard not to when the surroundings are so beautiful! Perhaps it's time for another visit...we're arriving in town next week for a couple of days.

              All we have booked is our fianl night dinner at De Kas, so I think we'll take some of dutchgrub's other suggestions as well.