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Sep 3, 2010 06:32 PM

Midweek blunch at Jethro's in Vancouver

Couldn't find much on CH about this relatively new entry into the brunch scene here, though foodslinger mentioned "righteous omelettes" in April and Philx has mentioned it in the diners and pancakes threads. I had a chance to swing by mid-June for a late lunch.

What drew me here was the presence of huevos rancheros. I had read reports that what you get on the plate isn't necessarily what it says on the menu and that held true for my dish. The huevos were supposed to be topped with tomatillo salsa which I adore. As you will see from the photo, they came instead with rather generic albeit fresh-cut red tomato salsa. I ate some and then asked the server what was up with that. She came back with a small dish of cold tomatillo sauce, which would have been great had it been served warm and atop the eggs as promised. It was unclear why the cook did not put the sauce on the eggs to begin with...

The eggs themselves were done beautifully, the black beans were quite tasty and the grilled corn cakes were excellent, though again they weren't really grilled but rather griddled. In fact, I would call them very nice corn pancakes. I could have done without the rice which though unobjectionable was too much plain white rice. Of course, I might have enjoyed it more had it been properly slathered with tomatillo sauce.

I'd like to go back and try out some of the other menu items which sound great (chicken fried steak, mmm!) but I'd be confirming that what I'm ordering is what I'm going to get first.

Here's a few pix including some hard to read shots of the menu.

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  1. Oh, the Huevos @ Habit look much better than those - I think the white rice just turned me off the picture actually. Thanks for the CFS tip! I shall go when I can afford the calories.

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      Thanks for the reminder about Habit, ck. Do you happen to recall if they come with red or green sauce? I almost put your name in after the CFS note, LOL!

      1. re: grayelf

        It's red. You said you wouldn't like it because it's "smokey tomato salsa". Is it weird to say that my fave thing about the Habit Huevos is the creme fraiche they serve it with? The beans were pretty darn good too though. Hey, how was Lupo? Happy Anniversary! Hope you & J enjoyed it!

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          I recently had some damn fine chipotle aioli from Las Tortas, so I may have to rethink my smokey chile aversion :-). And if they have creme fraiche on them I am so there. Crema is one of my fave things on Mexican food.

          Lupo was great. I even managed to deak a few pix, though it was rather dark. Will post 'em soon on the Lupo thread.

          1. re: grayelf

            I couldn't find a thread on Habit so I'll just post a couple of pix and a quick report on our recent brunch there.

            We arrived at 10:30 to a busy but not full room. Nabbed a table by the window and ordered the huevos rancheros and the daily special which was perogies. Both plates were generous, the huevos more so (and for $11 and $13 respectively they should be).

            The creme was very nice and added a much needed moisture to the bean spread, which was layered between two corn tortillas. It was quite thick and dry, with the odd hard bean which was a shame. As you can see from the photo, there was nowhere near enough of the tomatoes. What you can't see is that they tasted just like chopped up tomatoes, no heat or smokiness at all. The avocado appeared to just be mashed fruit and was kind of extraneous to purposes. To me huevos rancheros is one dish that I like swimming in a thinner salsa. The potatoes were disappointing, barely warm and apparently cooked in old oil.

            SO's perogies were very tasty with a lovely thin skin (I sound like I'm talking about XLBs!). Salad with brunch always throws me off a little but this was fine as you can't really serve potatoes with perogies. Sadly the caramelized onions had been given an unnecessary helping hand with extra sugar or something and were far too sweet for either of us.

            Service was delightful and the room is quite homey and comforting (this is the first time I'd been in the daylight), Music was a bit loud when we arrived but that autocorrected as the room filled up.

            I have yet to find a "nicer" breakfast/brunch place in Vancouver that fires on all cylinders, with the possible exception of Medina. But what a fun quest!

            1. re: grayelf

              It's too bad about the huevos rancheros. I've really got to work on the search for real Mex food, which would include a good brunch menu with awesome salsas. I wanted to say, though, that Provence marina side has a lovely brunch with one of the most delicious egg dishes I've had since moving here in January. I had the baked eggs Florentine, and I just about died and went to heaven. It's not a light brunch, but I guess most of us don't go to brunch looking for something that will fit a diet. We had a party of 9 that day and everyone loved the restaurant and the food.