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Sep 3, 2010 06:12 PM

Le dos and one le don't at Le Do in Vancouver

Once more into the wayback machine. Had a little meetup with fmed and betterthanbourdain in June to sample the wares at Le Do Vietnamese resto on Hastings. I was lured there by reports of a spicy salad roll with a spring roll inside. Indeed, these were just swell, and I'd return to eat them again. We also ordered a beef jerky salad that was light and refreshing on a warm day.

The boys each had soups which I've inconveniently forgotten the names and contents of (though I believe btb's was duck based -- maybe one of them will remember details). You can see for yourself how they looked and they tasted just as good. I can't seem to resist ordering bun and this was the only meh dish we had. Just not stellar on the meats or the noodles. The other roll was a version of the salad roll with the same pork patty that was on my bun. This is a worthwhile stop if you are in the neighbourhood.

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  1. Also, the bahn mi is quite good. The baguette is fresh, and the vegetables appear to have galangal in the pickling mix, although it doesn't actually end up in the sandwich.

    Check it out next time you pass by Hastings and Nanaimo.

    1. ahh yes i remember this. had read mijune's post and karl's comment. i remember the roll inside the roll best. worth going back for.

      i would have to look back at the pics to see what i ordered. prob the duck noodle dish.
      it was good, the 'duck' noodle. light flavor. not a big fan of duck and goose that is braised. as the skin and fat doesnt melt and flavor as well as roasted versions.

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        Yup, you ordered the duck soup (that is your elbow in the pic, LOL).