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Sep 3, 2010 06:11 PM

Looking for advanced cooking classes... Just single classes, not programs.

I'm looking for classes that will teach me thing's I don't know... you know, really push my limits.

I'm a very experienced home cook with some work at a fancy catering company under my belt. So I'm not looking for a class that will teach me how to make an herb crusted lamb chop....

I'd like to find a class focusing on a few advances techniques, or maybe a crazy menu that incorporates something unusual...

I've seen lots of posts about culinary schools or about beginners classes. But are there any hands on classes for advanced cooks????

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  1. have you looked to see if anything at Surfas strikes your fancy?

    1. Lots of restaurants have cooking classes--Providence, Mozza, Josie, name a few.

      1. Check out the New School of Cooking website -- they offer a wide range of classes, including many for professionally trained chefs (though it may be part of a series, so I'm not sure if they have what you want). Surfas seems more of a place where you can spend a few hours watching some really cool demos -- I live right down the streetand frequent the place, but never see participants cooking, just the guest chefs.

        1. Check out "Chef Eric's Culinary Kitchen" on Pelham at Pico. He has a wide selection of classes, they are all hands-on, (everybody cooks) and he is a fabulous teacher. He also does a long-term professional course.