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Sep 3, 2010 05:56 PM

2 nights 2 days in Madrid

We have 2 nights and 2 full days (2 lunches and 2 dinners) in Madrid on the way home from Italy in 2 weeks. Food and wine are the focuses on this trip. I have not had time to research Madrid - any suggestions what part of Madrid we should try to stay in, and where to go for good (local, inexpensive, but excellent quality!) food and wine!?

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  1. With only two days, for convenient, stay in the center (not right on Sol as it noisy and too crowded); The triangle of Sol, c/de Alcala, c/Atocha and Paseo del Prado are probably the most convenient for food and the museums. As for eating, there are tapas in just about any neighborhood, including the area must mentioned: around Huertas, ca/Atrocha, Plaza Jesus. Cava Baja/Latina is probably the most popular area for tapas as well as restaurants. Tapas are inexpensive, therefore, I would splurge a bit for one nice sit down dinner. Somewhat traditional with great food are Arce, Dantzari and Sacha. Their wine list is excellent and affordable. I have not spent a huge amount of time in Madrid but I've eaten at these couple of times and been excellent and well worth the cost. Or try one of the marisquerias or asadors for seafood and roasted meat. I would find time to do a short search on this board and for some other recommendations. There are a couple of residences of Madrid on this board: Butterfly and Arobmadrid whose posts are worth reading. Madrid does not get the write ups on this board like Barcelona but it is a great eating city.

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      I went to this place in Madrid that a friend who worked at Arzak recommended:

      Meson de Champinones
      c/Cuchilleros - On the back side of the Plaza Mayor. All they do is mushrooms and they do them well. We had the mushrooms stuffed with what tasted liked chorizo. Also, check out the trippy walls here.

      We didn't go to this place, but he also recommended it:

      Taberna Almendro 13
      c/Almendro, 13 - Their specialty is “huevos rotos” fried potato chips with chunks of jamon and two fried eggs broken on top. It is great with some of the manzanilla or a cold “caña” (small draft beer).

      Italy and Spain? I'm jealous. Have a great trip!