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Sep 3, 2010 05:49 PM

Suggestion for a Beautiful Lunch

What's the most beautiful place to have lunch, on the most beautiful early fall day in Paris. I know the 1st debate is ambience vs. the food.

Coming to Paris on Thursday. Can anyone help with suggestions?

Inside or out? Terrace, courtyard or dining room with a view?

Le Cinq

Jules Verne (how is JV these days anyway)

Cigale Recamier
Pre Catalan
Grande Cascade

Better for drinks & View:
Cafe L'Homme
Le Ciel de Paris

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  1. One of the most beautiful place is the inner courtyard of the Plazza Athénée (a five star hotel) : I haven't been here recently, but all what I heard is quite positive. Here is their website :

    Avoid at any cost the new and "trendy" Ralph Lauren restaurant on boulevard St Germain : one of the worst quality/ price equation I 've ever had.
    Have fun

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      RL on ST.G Mon Dieu!

      Thanks for the Plaza Rec. Sounds like it would be nice for an English afternoon tea.