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Sep 3, 2010 05:31 PM

Animal, Melisse, Providence = Better Spot for two-top?

Can anyone advise on which of the three might have decent tables for two? Thank you.

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  1. They all have two-tops.
    Be more informative as to what you really want to know.
    They are 3 very different restaurants and menus.

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    1. re: carter

      sorry for the confusion here. basically want to know if the tables for two are lined up in a row with so little space in-between that you might as well be dining with your neighbors. i have already checked menus, it is the atmosphere i would like more info on. your thoughts?

      1. re: fulloflife

        This board is currently ridiculously high on Animal, but it's without a doubt the tightest and loudest of the three places. Like Carter said, all are very different and very good at what they do. I think Animal does very interesting "dude food" that's not 100% successful. Providence and Melisse are much higher end and provide the ambience (and elbow room, linens, etc.,) to match. You won't have a bad time at any of them, but if I were concerned mostly with feeling cushioned and being heard, I'd pick Providence or Melisse.

        1. re: neobite

          "I think Animal does very interesting "dude food" that's not 100% successful."

          Are you saying that there is another place that does better "dude food" (which I am not so sure holds any validity since my wife and several other women we have taken there love their food as well) or are you just not into the concept of what Animal does?

    2. I've been to all three and I have to say Animal was my favorite. But like the other poster said, it really depends on what you're looking for. Animal is very different from the other two imo. :)

      1. I'm a big fan of Animal and Melisse (less so Providence). I've posted before about both restaurants so I won't go into detail about either. Melisse is more formal, with exceptional service. Animal is a small space with tables pretty close together. Melisse's food is more refined, while the food at Animal is extremely unusual and adventurous. Both are fantastic. I think it depends on what you want -- a more formal, upscale dining experience (Melisse) or a casual, and sometimes bizarre, foodie experience (Animal).

        I do wonder about Animal for two people, though. I know it can be done, but what I like about Animal is being able to try a lot of different dishes from their small plates menu. I've always gone with groups of four so we could try more things.

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        1. re: Jwsel

          We've been to Animal as just a couple and it's fine. I even find their tables to be large enough (the 2 tops) that I'm not constantly juggling things to find room for my water glass. While it's true that it is nice to order more things to split two could easily approach dining there by ordering 3 appetizers for dinner and one main (or even 4 or 5 appetizers) and then dessert, and that way get to try a pretty wide array of their food.

          One thing about Animal. We have never come away disappointed in our meals there. The food is so inventive and delicious, and on top of that the prices are very fair. Combine that with totally great (unpretentious) and down to earth service and you have a really winning combination.

          1. re: Servorg

            Agree 100% with Servorg! I went last week to Animal with just one other person and we had an amazing meal. We ordered four appetizers and two desserts and were absolutely stuffed! I think we only ate a small part of the final appetizer and only one of the desserts!

        2. As far as seating goes - Animal does have a wall with nothing but table for two - and no, not configured as a bank agains the wall, but actual seperate tables.

          Just tell the person taking the reservations.

          1. fwiw the restaurants are so different that the experience will differ by so many factors other than the size of the two-top
            when i was last at melisse - that had quite a few tables for two that were isolated banquettes wheer you coudl see each other and both look out at theroom. The service though was so involved and interactvie with the server describing and interacting so much with us that as i've often felt at melisse, the evening will be about the food, the food as theater, the food as central rather than the food and evening playing just a part in a high-end special evening.

            providence is mroe traditional - less descriptions of all the food as it's being served, fewer litanies of the cheese when the cheese board comes along. - less obtrusive service overall. so you have a greater feeling of intimacy with two at dinner. and the tables were fine.

            at animal, it's fun boisterous at the it's a compeltely different scene. But i've never felt crowded at any of these places.