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Sep 3, 2010 04:10 PM

Looking for best place to stop for Steamed Blue Crabs - Maryland Area

We are driving from DC to Philadelphia before we return home to Rhode Island.

Any recommendations for the best best place to stop for lunch during the trip to get Steamed Blue Crabs?

We are not opposed to the idea of taking a longer route in order to hit up a good place!


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  1. I think there are a lot of posts on this. Personally I like Cantlers because of the atmosphere/setting, but others will argue the crabs are better elsewhere.

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      Cantler's is excellent for crabs but this is the most atmospheric of all Maryland crab houses with better sides: There will be more cars with Delaware and Pennsylvania tags in the parking lots than Maryland.

    2. you could go to Gunnings which is not far from BWI and close to 95. other spots would include Obrycki's in downtown Baltimore, Woody's in Northeast MD, The Tap Room in chesapeake city, MD. All are on or just off you I-95 corridor. I love Cantlers but it is a good 40 minutes east near annapolis and unless you want to go over the bay bridge and take route 301 north it is way off your route. If you decided to go over the bay bridge there also is Harris Crab House and The Crab Deck in Kent Narows off route 50 (exit 42) which would be on the way to route 301

      Harris Crab House
      433 Kent Narrow Way N, Grasonville, MD 21638