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Sep 3, 2010 04:09 PM

Cheap authentic local bites in San Juan, Puerto Rico

4 of us will be visiting Puerto Rico for the very first time next week, will stay 4 nights at the Radisson Ambassador at 1369 Ashford Avenue, San Juan 00907-9955. Since most of us are students/unemployed, we're looking for cheap authentic local places to keep the tab low. We don't drink, nor do we care about atmosphere. As long as the food is good. the price is cheap, we are up for it. So can people please recommend where in the area we should hit up or maybe a place with a rather convenient drive(we have a rental car)?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. I posted this before, buy anyway. If you are in Old San Juan, next door to Cafe Berlin there is a food court where the locals eat. The restaurant in the back serves great Puerto Rican stuff. Try their mofongo for instance. If you DAFS on here you will find more suggestions.

    Outside San Juan some of the most popular places are the Guavate area in Cayey where many of the lechoneras are, and the kioskos in Luquillo (some better and cheaper than others; there are some lechoneras in that direction too).