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Sep 3, 2010 02:30 PM

ISO Recipes using berbere

So I'm replenishing some spices at my favorite store when I spy a new spice mix offering: berbere. I take one whiff and know that I must have it.

Now, I'm searching for recipes that use berbere - and I'm surprised how few I'm finding. The few that I'm seeing are pretty simple and similar: saute onions in ghee, add berbere + garlic + ginger, make a sauce with tomato + stock, add protein, serve with rice. Seems like a flexible formula, but I'm hoping there are other uses. Maybe use it as a rub for BBQ?

Anyone have favorite recipes that call for berbere?

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  1. God, I had some of this paste made with berbere at an Ethiopian restaurant in San Francisco this past June while visiting my was *magical* was served in a side saucer (my son knew to request it) and oooohhhhh....did we ever love it! He had the beef dinner and I had the was all eaten with injera bread, no utensils were used with which to scooped up your entree with pieces of injera. Bernal, I think you might start with finding some Ethiopian recipes, maybe? Wish I had one to offer you.

      1. re: chefj

        Definitely search for some Ethiopian recipes - at one point I had a bunch, but a lack of backup and a cat with a penchant for spilling water glasses on the laptop and well, no more recipes.

        My favorites meat dishes are Doro Wat and Minchtebech, while Kik Alicha and Mesir Wat are my favorite bean dishes. I've seen various spellings too, but I only am familiar through one restaurant so those are my default spellings.

        On a non Ethiopian, I used to put it in my chili till I ran out last year. Might be nice in a meatloaf too.

      2. Mix it with vinegar and water and you can marinate it in meat over night before throwing it on the grill. Or for club sandwiches it goes great if you mix it with mayonnaise to give the sandwich a kick