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Sep 3, 2010 02:30 PM

New Restaurants in Lee, Ma.- Peruvian and Italian/Pizza

Has anyone tried the two new places on the main street? I'd love some feedback on both!

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  1. The peruvian place (Alpamayo) is pretty good, not spectacular. The menu is huge. The roasted chicken is really good. Other stuff average to good. They don't seem to have a liquor license. Service is sketchy, but not the fault of the waitress. They have been very busy but at least as yet too cheap to hire a second server, or even a busboy to help out, so she seems overwhelmed, hard to pay close attention to the customers when you are cleaning tables.

    The italian place I assume you mean Timothy's, is a new incarnation of the Greek place that was there before (Panayotis ?sp). Menu is exactly the same, the one time we tried the new place the dishes were not as good as before the change but could have just been an off day.

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      Supposedly they kept all the staff at Timothy's. We had a really good veggie burger, fries and an enourmous meatball sub at lunch. Went back for wine and pizza to go that evening so we sat at the bar but they don't really do bar service- it's only used for the overflow. Too bad but the new owners are just learning the food biz.

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        I LOVED panayiotis, especially for the pork slouvaki pitas...I went back recently to Timothy's and was disappointed with the was definitely not as good as panayiotis--it lacked good texture and flavor--especially needed salt. Oh well, I know it hard to make a good pita, but this one needs work. The pork on the other hand and greek sauce was good, and on the mark. Hopefully they are still working on the pita recipe.