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Sep 3, 2010 02:05 PM

Polish Food at Peckham Sunday Market [London]

This market is outside the Peckham Library every Sunday between 9 am - 1pm. There are usually two/three vegetable and fruit stalls, a cheese place, a place selling and cooking sausages, the occasional flower and herb stall but recently two Polish food stands turned up. One sells hot food like Hunter's Stew and pierogis (sp?) with different fillings. Enjoyed the samples I tried. Sour cream is offered. He also sells the uncooked pierogis to take away in sealed containers. Think he also does private catering. The other separate stall sells many different types of cake with samples to try. Have tried the cheesecake - very light and tasty. Last week she had horseshoe shaped croissant type things with jam which were delicious. Very flaky non greasy pastry. This woman also has a stall at the Oval Saturday market where she sells an expanded range of food.

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  1. I'll have to venture down seeing as I'm two minutes away!

    1. Cool - will have to check it out. Do you know if the Polish stalls also sell at other markets? There's one at the Bermondsey Sq market which I've yet to try. Will check on the name and post so that we can compare notes.

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        The cake woman also sells savoury food at the Oval Market on Saturdays as I said above. She isn't allowed to sell anything other than cake at Peckham otherwise she will be competing with the other guy. Don't know if peirogi guy sells anywhere else. The Peckham Market is not well publicised and because of that some traders don't stay long. The fruit and veg places have been there a few years. Two sell eggs, and small amount of jams and chutneys. One sells apple juice. There was a woman who is normally at Blackheath selling fantastic chutneys and she only lasted 2 weeks. The sausage place is quite new. They normally sell once a month at Dulwich College Market - last Sunday of the month. There is also a Flour Power bread stand. If only Arturo of Buen Provecho would go there instead of Elephant and Castle I would be happy. And the Ethiopian Coffee place, also at E&C, needs to shift over there. There is so much space to fill there outside the library and it is such a shame to see a lot of it empty.

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          Great - thanks for the comprehensive info. Hope to check them out soon.

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            I popped down this morning and the Polish savoury food man wasn't there. I asked the lady at the Polish cake stall (the cheese and cream cakes looked lovely!) where he was and she said none of them knew why he hadn't turned up today. Hopefully this doesn't mean he's not coming back.

            I wish more stalls would set up at the Peckham Farmers market. I pop down most Sundays to stock up on some fruit and veg. The lady, who is I think from Kent (on the left hand side) does some great fruit and veg. The soft fruit are all great, and she today she had cobnuts. A few weeks ago she was also selling wing beans, which was a nice surprise

            1. re: Sharmila

              Are wing beans the same as asparagus peas???? If so how do you cook them?

              1. re: Peckhampam

                They are the same. The lady at the stall recommended boiling till soft, dipping them in vinaigrette and then biting the flesh off the central stalk. However, I just cooked them by chopping into small pieces and stir frying with some soy and chilli, and they were lovely.

              2. re: Sharmila

                I was there last Sunday and was disappointed to see he wasn't there. The woman who runs the market said he had called in to say he was having car trouble. I do like the female farmer from Kent. Never tried cobnuts or wing beans though. She sells tasty apple juice as well. I also buy kale and other veg from her.

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                  I popped down late on Sunday and he was there. I ended up buying two packs of 12 peirogi - one potato and cheese, one mushroom and cabbage. They are usually £3.90 for a pack, but I got two packs for £4, probably because the market was closing up. I think the potato ones are the tastiest, but haven't tried the meat. The hunters stew looked good as well.

                  1. re: Sharmila

                    I did try the potato ones and they were tasty. Did you put sour cream on? Very good cold weather food as is the hunters stew. Can't remember if you can freeze the peirogis or if they come frozen and are already defrosting. I do know that the Polish place in Elephant and Castle shopping centre sell large frozen packs of pierogis.

        2. Went there again today and the Polish pierogi man had completely sold out of everything! The cake lady had lots of different types available including an apple struesel type flaky pastry. She also had interesting looking cakes with jelly and fruit on top. I had a sample and they were lovely. She also makes cakes for birthdays etc. The cake lady is going to be at a new market at the Elephant Castle which has just set up on Saturdays near a college.