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Sep 3, 2010 01:12 PM

Danish Kiel Sprats? Do they still exist?

Does anyone know where I can purchase Danish sprats? I have not seen them in years and cannot find them on the internet, but they used to come in a flat round golden tin marked "Kiel Sprats." NOT the golden tins from Riga, Poland, Russia, etc. The Danish sprats were perfect: firmly smoked, salty, golden and clean.

Other sprats I've tried had been poorly handled and poorly packed, making for damaged fish soaking in debris-laden oil. Often they were over-smoked to the point of sootiness. Not a fine product. The gold-label King Oscar "sardines" (Spratus spratus) are excellent: tiny, clean, delicious, but to my taste they would benefit from a little more smoke and salt.

I am not stuck on Danish origin; they were merely my benchmark. I am willing to try recommended sprats (as opposed to true sardines) from anywhere.

Any sprat afficianados out there?

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