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Sep 3, 2010 11:57 AM

Bringing food into Dodger Stadium?

Hi All - am headed to the Dodger's game tomorrow. Does anyone know if the security guys will give you a hard time if you try to bring in some food with you - i.e. just sandwiches from Subway or Quiznos or something like that?

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  1. My husband and I ALWAYS bring our own food. Usually we go to Subway and get sandwiches and chips, and maybe cookies. We bring our own water and make sure the lid is on very tight. Put all your food into a plastic bag so the security guards can check it. The most you'll get from them is a joke that they'll have to take your dinner away, but it's just a joke. We love it because it seems to be the only place you can bring your own food anymore. And people always marvel at how much better our dinner looks than what is served at the stadium. The food is too expensive there anyway.

    1. What you describe is fine.
      No bottles or cans or coolers and no tailgating with alcohol in the parking lot.

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      1. re: monku

        Here are the rules of what you can't bring in the stadium:
        Glass bottles, cans and thermoses
        Broken factory sealed beverage containers
        Containers larger than 1 liter in size
        Alcoholic beverages
        Purses/Bags/Backpacks larger than 14 inches square
        Hard-sided coolers
        Enjoy the game.

      2. Not at ALL... in fact, it's one of the best parts of going to the Dodger games... Boyz in blue and Godmother Sandwiches from bay cities... Empandas as also good too!

        Rulz: No Thermos, ice packs or coolers. Personal size non-alcoholic beverages UNOPENED in plastic bottles ONLY. No personal bags bigger than 14x14, plastic bags okay...

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          1. re: Dommy

            now, if they could just win more games

            1. re: JPomer

              Yeah, that is why I noted it was ONE of the BEST parts... the odds me coming back grumbling are way to high... especially this season... YEESH!


          2. Depending on the time of day, get your sandwiches at Eastside Market & Deli a stone's throw from Dodger Stadium

            Eastside Market
            1013 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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            1. re: monku

              The only times going to Eastside Market before a Dodger game, would work are Sat 1pm games and the businessman weekday, day game.

              Too bad Eastside closes at 4pm during the week.

              it's interesting that at Anaheim Stadium, they allow you to bring big gulp into the game but only allow factory sealed water bottles, that are less than one liter.

              At Dodger Stadium, you're allowed to bring in any non alcoholic drink, that is less than a liter. But won't let you bring in a big gulp.

              Eastside Market
              1013 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

              1. re: reality check

                "At Dodger Stadium, you're allowed to bring in any non alcoholic drink, that is less than a liter. But won't let you bring in a big gulp."

                1 liter = 33.81 fluid ounces
                Big Gulp = 44 fluid ounces *(my mistake, had a Circle K Thirst Buster the other day 44oz)
                Think the Super Big Gulp is 44 ounces.

                1. re: monku

                  Quote the entire piece. I'm talking about fountain drinks, in a cup with a straw.

                  But, there are other sizes of Big Gulp that are less than a litter. But I guess you missed that.

                  1. re: reality check

                    They are fountain drinks. There is a 32 oz. Big Gulp.
                    I could have sworn I had a Big Gulp a few weeks ago and it was 40+ ounces. Remembered the Circle K Thirst Buster I had the other day was 44 ounces which shocked me.

                    1. re: monku

                      I'll make it easier for you to understand. At Dodger Stadium, they do not allow any fountain drink in a cup. Say you get a value meal with a drink, any size, they will not allow the drink into the dump, Dodger Stadium.

                      But at Anaheim Stadium, you can bring in a 64oz Super Big Gulp or whatever the call it. They don't care.

            2. We bring flasks of liquor in all the time - just keep it in the pocket and they'll never know. It's saves money and you won't have to get up to use the restroom as often.

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              1. re: Kevitivity

                How recently have you gone? The last 2 times I went this season I was pated down even thought I had no bag and made me take keys and ALL my change out of my pocket.

                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                  It's discretionary. Mattapoisett, you must look like trouble ;-)

                  I go to LOTS of games, and it depends which section you sit in, and how you look. In the expensive sections, they figure you're less likely to shank the guy in the seat next to you. But if you're wearing gang colors and all tatted-up, you can still count on getting friendly with the nice security guard. I look harmless, so they don't bother....

                  1. re: lil mikey

                    No it has been much tighter recently. I went KCET/Ken Burns Fundraiser and at almost 40, I was the 3rd youngest person in the group and they were going through everyone. and Dommy got us tickets for the Stitch and Pitch event with lot's of Knitters and everyone commented on how they were accosted by Security. We followed the rules and all that was in the bags were fine but they made sure that all pockets etc were empty as well.

                    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                      Good God. That is so wrong.

                      It's time for the bra flask.

                      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                        Hmmm. I went Tuesday and they didn't even slow me down. Based on what you're saying, the security seems pretty inconsistent. It seems like a waste of time to chase older people when they typically pose no threat of any kind. But those knitters.... You never know whether they're trying to smuggle a canoli or a macrame hat.

                        Thanks for the heads-up Mattapoisett, and I'm with happybaker: Creativity pays.

                  2. re: Kevitivity

                    We hit at least one game every season and I've never been patted down.