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Sep 3, 2010 11:35 AM

Propane Tanks in Philly

I just got a great deal on a Weber Genesis 310 at Lowe's (only $499). I figured I would assemble it first before I worry about picking up the propane tank. Lowe's offers a new propane tank (full) for around $50 and then you exchange it for a different full one for around $20 when you run out.

Are there any local stores that have good deals on propane tanks, either exchange or refill?

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  1. Walmart does it even better.

    $42 for a new full tank
    $16 for exchange

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    1. re: 94Bravo

      I had a feeling that Walmart would be cheaper. Now I have to get over my hatred of going to that store. As of now, the ONLY thing I ever buy there is lump charcoal for my other grill.

      1. re: Philly Ray

        Just make sure you compare apples to apples with any propane tank exchange-- as in how many pounds you are buying. Some tanks (Blue Rhino) can only be exchanged and or filled by that dealer.

        1. re: Sydneyeats

          Agreed with Sydney. Tank exchange can be less than honest....

          Blue Rhino Is Labeled as a 15lb tank.... (the shrink wrap label they put on the tank even though its still a 20# tank...

          "LPG tanks have an internal float that shuts-off the re-fill at about 90% for safety reasons. So the most you get now is about 4.5 gallons of LPG. That's about 19 lbs of propane or 2 more lbs than typical 17 lb swap tanks and 4 more lbs than Blue Rhinos!"

      2. re: 94Bravo

        Better yet, buy a tank and get it filled. That way, you pay only for the gas you actually receive and you're not giving back a tank that may still have some gas in it. Many U-Hauls offer refills for about $4 a gallon.

      3. I ended up going with Blue Rhino at Lowe's just for the convenience factor. I paid $48.99 for the new full tank. However, I found a $20 rebate coupon that is supposed to be for customers who have moved (since movers will not move a propane tank). All the coupon asked for was my contact info and my receipt showing that I purchased a new Blue Rhino tank at Lowe's, so I sent it in (is that less than honest? ;).