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Sep 3, 2010 11:30 AM

Pancake Caterer Needed in Long Island for 300 People

I'm searching for someone to cook pancakes for about 300 people early in the morning at a state park in Long Island. We have electricity, running water, and a roof over our heads, but that's about it -- no cooking gear. Everything would need to be brought in.

We want the pancakes cooked ON-SITE. The one thing we DON'T want is for the pancakes to be cooked elsewhere and brought in -- yuck!

For those in the know, I have tried to get Chris Cakes to handle this and they are booked up.

And words of wisdom welcome here!



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  1. You probably should mention which state park ON Long Island (sorry don't know why that gets my goat ;-)) A caterer from Queens probably won't travel to Orient and vice versa, especially early morning just for pancakes.

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      OK, fair enough! The park where we need pancakes is Orient Beach -- the most NE point in Long Island. Distance? We were ready to bring in the pancake experts from Ohio or DC and THEY were ready, but alas they are already booked up. (Apparently football season = pancake season. I should have seen THAT one coming!)

      1. re: gleng1

        Well that's as far as it gets. I guess pancakes are a much bigger event where you come from, and I'm jealous, here it's usually just Aunt Jemima. How about Eriks in Southold, they're just down the road and have a great breakfast reputation. You can search here , it's mentioned pretty often. Here's their phone # anyway If that doesn't work out let me know and I will come up with someone a little farther away.

    2. Are you still searching?
      I didn't see a date as to when your planning this.

      1. The original comment has been removed