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Sep 3, 2010 10:55 AM

Good steakhouse in Westchester?

My husband is trying to recall a a glowing, New York Times restaurant review at the beginning of the year or so about a fairly new steakhouse in Lower Westchester (around Hastings??).

Any ideas or suggestions for something good, and less upscale, say, than Ruth Chris?

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  1. Have you tried searching the online archives? You can go specifically to the Westchester dining section and enter any keywords (steak, steakhouse, etc) or the date range when you think it ran.

    1. Hi Slim -

      I believe that you're talking about Flames Steakhouse in Briarcliff Manor.

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      1. re: wagamamababy

        I doubt it, Flames is not in lower Westchester and it's not a new steakhouse. IMHO the best steakhouse in Westchester closed when Tollgate Steakhouse went out in Mamaroneck. I would be interested in hearing what place they are talking about though. I read that former employees of Peter Lugers are opening a steakhouse where Mighty Joe Youngs use to be in Hartsdale, but that hasn't happened yet. I can't think of anything in that area but will post back if I do.

        Peter Luger
        255 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021

        1. re: GIOny

          I can't say that I disagree with you, but I was actually trying to identify the NY Times article the OP was referring to. Sorry for not making that clear.

          1. re: GIOny

            I read that too about MJY, but when I passed there a few days ago, there was a sign on it announcing a....guess what.....Asian fusion restaurant!

        2. There was an ongoing thread on steakhouses in Westchester on Chowhound. As I recall Flames was thought of highly by several on that discussion. The Times reviewer thought highly of it too. I went there only once, alas, but I still salivate at the memory of that steak.

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          1. re: otisman

            Marc Charles Steak House, Armonk????????

          2. willet house, there's also blt steak in white plains. blt steak has better sides but willet house has better meat imo.

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            1. re: daffyduck

              flames is a rather poor steak house willet is average but i think they are talking about tonys steak house on the bridge in hastings its not your tipical steak house i think its portugese its been there for years .i dont think there talking about harvest but they could also be talking about the old half moon spot in dobbs ferry also before it was the cookery it was a half assed steak house oh and fyi its not lugars guy whos taken over mjys and it is not gonna b asian

              1. re: moron66

                So,,,do you have info on what mjys WILL be?

                1. re: moron66

                  On August 16th Small bites reported about another steakhouse and the Lugers connection but if it's changed twice since 3 weeks ago then that doesn't look like a good sign.......
                  Westchester could use a really good steakhouse but please not another Asian Fusion...yikes!!!

                  1. re: GIOny

                    I hope we do get this steakhouse. No more asian fusion - or mexican!

                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                      Passed by again tonight, and no signage about what it will be, but it looked like it was being completely gutted! So, Moron (like being able to say that without the threat of being "reported"), what will it be??

                      1. re: Marge

                        marge its gonna be a high end steakhouse but not lugar related it will be a while before it opens

                          1. re: moron66

                            Looks like MJY is going to be a Benjamin Steakhouse run by former Lugar's employees and will be open by the end of the month.

                            The article below answers a lot of the questions from other threads as well...


                2. Willet House is clearly the best. Port Chester location easy to get to and park your car. Not cheap, but worth the excellent meal. Comfortable seating and service. We love Ruths Chris, but Willet House totally exceeds Ruths Chris. Report back, you will not be sorry if you dine at WH.