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Sep 3, 2010 10:42 AM

White Truffle OIl and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

I have these two exotics newly come into my cupboard, and would like some suggestions for using them well --- and simply, if possible. What foods will they show off? What foods will they shine against? Thanks for advice ----

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  1. I was recently gifted with a bottle of lemon olive oil. So far I've mostly drizzled it on cooked vegetables - asparagus (awesome!), broccoli, cauliflower. It also makes a nice low-overhead salad dressing for salad nicoise, or tuna, or sardines.

    I've used truffle oil on steaks and in smashed potatoes and fancy mac & cheese. And a little over poached eggs. I didn't think of it when I had a bottle around, but you could try drizzling it on hot popcorn.

    1. I was gifted with a lovely bottle of White Truffle Oil a couple of years ago & it's lasted beautifully in the fridge.

      That said, I most enjoy it drizzled over mashed potatoes & potato gratins, as well as mashed cauliflower & cauliflower gratins.

      1. Truffle Oil goes great with risotto, potatoes eggs, pasta, most meats, Fontina cheese Pizza with Prosciutto and Rocket .

        1. The Meyer lemon olive oil is perfect drizzled over cooked veggies, as patricium says, and I use it to cook veggies when the heat is not too high. You could also use it to make an olive oil cake.

          1. The lemon olive oil makes lovely sugar cookies, and it's nice, used lightly, on roast chicken and potatoes.

            My favorite use of truffle oil is to drizzle a bit on salmon done in parchment paper. I usually tuck a little broccoli or red bell or onion (or all three) in the paper, with a lemon slice, and drizzle the oil.