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Sep 3, 2010 09:26 AM

Fresh Dates

Anyone have a source for fresh dates? I had them once and have been on a hunt ever since. I believe they are coming into season in California about now and am I was hoping they may make their way to NJ (Carbon footprint be damned).

I am in Monmouth county but would be willing to travel. If there is nothing within driving distance, has anyone ordered them directly from a grower?



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  1. try paterson markets or Corrado's in Clifton

    1. We get ours from Shields in Indio, California. excellent dates, decent prices.

      1. maybe Sickles in Little SIlver???

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions.

          jpr54_1 - Do you have any specific recommendations for Paterson grocery stores? I usually do my shopping at Fatals but they do not have fresh produce.

          loveeatin - Thanks for the mail order suggestion. I found one purveyor on-line but would much prefer a personal recommendation.

          gwh912 - I am embarrassed to say I have never been to Sickles. This may be the incentive I need.

          Thank you all!

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          1. re: missybean

            I usually stop at Corrados-
            and several other groceries on Main St.
            It is best to walk around the markets to see what is on sale and available
            I live inSouthern Broward county Florida now and truly miss the markets

            1. re: jpr54_1

              I LOVE everything about Corrados except the parking. I never go in with a list and always manage to spend too much. Next time I am in Paterson, I'll try to find the time to explore a little bit more. I tend to stick to my favorites.

              I'd be happy to send a care package to FL if you ever need anything.

              1. re: missybean

                There's a solution to your problem! Corrado's opened a second store in Wayne a few years ago. It's not as large as the Clifton store, but there's plenty of parking, and the store is easier to navigate and much nicer. They still have full produce, butcher, deli, cheese, and bakery departments. And while there are still crowds there, they're nothing like the ones at the Clifton store.

                There is some variation in some of the items the two stores carry (given the pretty wide difference in clientele), but items available in both stores are the same prices.

                Also, Fairway in Paramus would be a good bet to find some fresh dates.

                1. re: zhelder

                  zhelder - Thanks for the info on Corrados of Wayne. I'll have to check it out. I usually hit the Clifton location on my home from somewhere else since it is a quick shot on and off the Parkway.

                  I used to love the original Fairway in NYC but have not been too impressed of late with either that location or the Paramus store. It seems the quality and variety of available foodstuffs at lots of more convenient grocers has improved greatly. It doesn't seem to be worth the ride any more though I do usually stop in when I am in the neighborhood. I will try calling to see if they have the dates. Thanks fot the help.

          2. Fresh Dates were available at HMart in Little Ferry on 9/4/10

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            1. re: ribock

              Thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out. I've heard about HMart but have never been to one. What is it like?

              1. re: missybean

                The New Bridge Farmer's Market in Bergenfield had dates earlier this past week and Corrado's had them this past Sunday when I was there...

                1. re: fourunder

                  Great. Looks like a road trip is on the weekend agenda.