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Sep 9, 2005 12:38 AM

Long Beach-area, Good Eats?

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Hello all. Looking for recs on good places for latish lunch or very early dinner in Long Beach-area and/or Costa Mesa? Can anyone help? Vietnamese, maybe?


(Used to post here every now and then, but stopped after I had a strange experience with a certain very exp. and well-regarded restaurant where they tracked me down--I don't use my real name--and called me at home after I posted a long review of them that was not entirely positive...)


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  1. If you're looking for Vietnamese, search this board for places in Little Saigon, which is near the LB/Costa Mesa general area. In CM, I like Memphis, on Bristol - southern inspired, good bar, small and casual. In Long Beach, wander down to 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, and there will be plenty of choices. If you want something by the water, try Tantalum in Marina Pacifica (Pacific rim/Asian flavored) or McKenna's in Alamitos Bay (decent seafood).

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    1. re: LBQT
      margaret ham

      Just to follow up, we went to Anaheim St. for Cambodian, since we needed to stay relatively close to the Long Beach airport, to Sophie's Cambodian & Thai.

      Nice, friendly service, nice atmo.

      We shared noodles with crab (which I had one delicious mouthful of before remembering--doh!--that I'm allergic to shellfish...!), whole grilled catfish with both green mango and tamarind sauces (well, green mango was more of a spicy accompaniment, not a sauce, very good), a marinated beef salad, and a somewhat odd, but tasty, vegetable "dip."

      Plates heaping with various and beautiful green leafy veggies and herbs and other lovely and uncommon asian veggies came with all of this.

      I think the best was the crab noodles, second best was catfish, third was beef salad, and fourth was vegetable "dip," if only because it was hard to categorize and there were fatty things in it that we couldn't identify, esp. since the menu called it vegetarian.

      It was my first Cambodian food, so I can't compare, but it was good. My sister's had it many times and liked it, but again, particularly the crab. My husband enjoyed his marinated beef salad, and it was flavorful.

      As we were leaving, it was about 4'ish, so the cook was bringing out his own lunch/dinner, a huge bowl of what looked like tofu stew with these large and glorious squares of tofu piled high and also a steaming, wonderful-smelling omelette. Boy, it looked good. Not sure if it was on the menu, alas. If I go again, I will definitely ask.

      There were plenty of Cambodian (I assume) diners there; we were the only whites besides one man eating alone who had the air of a regular. This is always a good sign to me.

      Thanks again for the help, all.


    2. i just had a great meal at sophy's thai and cambodian cuisine on anaheim.

      we got khmer dishes.

      fried catfish with baby mango slices and tamarind and bacon dipping sauce, served with some very better cambodian veggies, mint leaves bean sprouts and other greens.

      we had sachkow bahok, which is grilled steak with fermented sardine paste, and a salad with cucumbers and chili.

      and a coconut soup with pork spareribs and pineapple called something, ah shit i forgot. but it was good...

      had an egg soda too.

      good stuff.

      Sophy's Fine Thai & Cambodian
      (562) 494-1763
      3720 E Anaheim St
      Long Beach, CA 90804

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      1. re: modernist
        margaret ham

        Hey, thanks, guys, for the recs. Really appreciate it.

        Other searches turned up older stuff for Vietnamese that I was worried about still being there.

        As for restaurant stuff...I don't know. I'll have to figure out the best way to discuss it? Open to ideas.


      2. Thai Charcoal Pit
        2226 E 7TH St
        Long Beach, CA 90804-4511
        (562) 434-9723
        In the Big Lots Parking Lot
        Don't let the facade fool you; the food is excellent, their chicken satay is great.

        Greenfield Churrascaria
        Great place for luch $14.95 all you can eat buffet.

        Long Beach Cafe
        Ocean Blvd and Alimitos
        Long Beach Cafe
        615 E Ocean Blvd
        Long Beach, CA 90802-5014
        (562) 436-6037
        Diner style food; tasty burgers (bacon chedder burger is killer served with a pound of steak fries)

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        1. re: obscuro

          I eat at the Thai Charcoal Pit frequently, but Baiplu Thai on 7th has a lot more variety, and maybe a little plus on quality. Not to mention that it shares restaurant space with a good sushi bar.

        2. I'm also looking for "good eats" in Long Beach. Here's the deal. It's a birthday dinner for my sil, but they have two toddlers, so it needs to be someplace kid friendly. I'm hoping for something with a view of the water (I'm a displaced So. Calif. native), but not too expensive! Anyone have a place that will work?

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          1. re: kls

            I'm sure I'll get yelled at for suggesting a chain, but I think the Yard House on Ocean is good and the patio is fun and kid friendly. I recommend the Poke Stack. Ahi tuna with avocado and won ton crunchies. Yum!

          2. Benley is a Vietnamese-ish restaurant on Wardlow /Norwalk near the 605 freeway. Its in the shopping center there at the far side. I recommend the shaken beef and buttermilk panna cotta.