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Sep 3, 2010 08:44 AM

Cooking with coconut water?

I'm feeling poorly so I got a can of coconut water from the corner shop. It got me thinking how delicious a coconut jello made from coconut water might be. Or perhaps some veg poached in it. Has anybody tried any cooking experiments with coconut water?

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  1. I'm a coco water addict, but only if it's the pure kind (not Goya) with no sweeteners added. It is very hydrating if you're an athlete or have been ill. If you have the good kind, it won't have much coconut flavor (even if you got the kind with pulp), so would need to add some actual shredded coconut if coconut flavor is what you're after. Goya and some other brands have a little HFCS added and for some reason, this added sweetness brings out more of a coconut flavor. Still, it wouldn't be enough to give your jello a true coconut flavor.Poaching veggies sounds very good and I would try it if the stuff wasn't so darned expensive! I'd rather just drink it after my run.

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      athlete: absolutely right! I like to drink some plain coconut water before I ride hard in high heat. I can't tell that I feel better, but I can say that I've never cramped after I've had a coconut water.

      I mixed some w/ iced tea and fruit slices once to serve with dinner to non wine-drinkers. Subtle but interesting.

    2. although i've never heard of poaching vegs in coconut water it's quite common cooking with it [normally just crack open a fresh young coconut to obtain the water] in S.E.A. cookery. if you like Khmer and/or Vietnamese cookery there are quite a few possibilities.