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Sep 3, 2010 08:37 AM

Seafood in South Jersey (Camden/Burlington Counties)

I'm looking for a good seafood restaurant (or restaurant that serves good seafood amongst other menu items) in South Jersey to take a group of approx 6-10 people on a weekday night. Can be fine dining or casual, but good seafood, particularly shellfish, is a must. I'm hoping to find a restaurant somewhere between the Cherry Hill and Burlington NJ areas (Camden/Burlington Counties), but I am willing to venture out from there. It would be great if the restaurant accepted reservations for such a large group. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: mmgth

      Agreed. Though it's not exactly between Burlington and Cherry Hill. Barnacle Ben's in Moorestown is a little hard to find, but it's close to 295 and pretty good. But if you're willing to hunt it down, Max's is a gem.

      1. re: mrpickwick

        I'll second Barnacle Ben's- but they recently moved to Larchmont Blvd in Mt. Laurel. Also in Mt Laurel is Marcello's Fresh Catch Bistro, which is good as well. The Blue Claw in Burlington is also popular.

        1. re: johnpm

          Thanks for the great ideas. The bday girl wants to go to either Marcello's Fresh Catch or Ritz Seafood. Any suggestions as to which one?? Any other comments to offer regarding either?

          1. re: burbgirl

            I haven't been to the Ritz Seafood in the past year but last year I was there twice and the food was very good as well as great service. Both times, the restaurant was full so I would recomment reservations.

            1. re: IndigoOnTheGo

              Thanks for all of the GREAT recommendations! We took a party of 10 to Marcello's Fresh Catch Bistro in Mt. Laurel last night and had a great time and a wonderful meal! Great little BYOB. Friendly staff and great food. They offered 5-6 different types of calamari appetizers. The Asian was our favorite! The Ahi Tuna was cooked perfectly, the shrimp scampi was full of flavor, HUGE shrimp and garlic and the lobster bisque was rich and flavorful. They offered an all you can eat crab meal for $30, although we didn't give it a try. My only complaints were that the seafood mac n' cheese could have used less mushrooms, more cheese and fresher scallops and that it did take awhile for our food to be served. But, the food was well worth the wait!! The portions were huge. The staff even made a point of singing happy birthday and bringing my sister a special dessert to celebrate. All and all, a GREAT little byob with a great selection of seafood. I would definitely recommend!!