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Tampa - Chart House

The Chart House replaced Landry's on Bay-to-Bay and is very close to where I live so I thought I'd check it out. Grabbed a snack and a glass of wine there last night. Had the trio of soups, all were OK, none worth ordering again, wine list sucked, beer selection worse. For what it is, it's quite expensive too. Not sure how well this place will do...

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  1. Landry's owns Charthouse. I have never been impressed with them. Mail me at steakman55@embarqmail.com and we will set up the Tallahassee meeting.

    1. on 60? Landrys was bad and Chart House will probably be just as bad.

      Chart House
      2250 Front Street, Melbourne, FL 32901

      1. The Chart House in Fort Myers was replaced with a Joe's Crab Shack (same chain) which is quite popular here. Sure can't be the food...the wine totally sucks. It is more of a tourist joint I guess. The Chart House here had a huge salad bar which always sort of disgusted me. Perhaps Joe's Crab Shack will be next in this spot.

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          Yeah Landry's was always mediocre, this place is just more impressively mediocre. It's PRIMO real estate so I was really hoping for something upscale or good. Now I have to wait a year or so until this place flounders. (haha fish pun)

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            Yet ,Landrys Corp. stock is at a 52 week high, $25 and change 52 week low....$9.74!!!!! and they just bought another chain,(Oceanaire in Minnesota) sounds like "boost the rev. through acauisitions. The loc on Longboat is the best view on the island, as you say Drtodd "Hope for something good!!!!!

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              Bummer. They bought Oceanaire? I had an excellent dining experience at the Oceanaire in Orlando. Goodness, let's hope their ineptitude doesn't infect the quality service at Oceanaire.

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              With that location they will be a tourist haven just like Landrys always was.

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                Well lately Landrys has been a tumbleweed haven, but you might be right...

          2. The stock is high because the major holder is trying to take the company private. His real money comes from Las vegas business. He must be good at something.

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              You're right, these restaurants must be doing well in the aggregate, but how? IMO they don't offer a very good value, leaving the issue of personal taste in food aside for the moment. How do they succeed??

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                simple enough, turn your efforts toward gaining profit from an impressive product rather than an attractive dining space. chart house has a beautiful and super convenient location. there are large restaurants in a number of major metropolitan areas that employ this mindset and prosper accordingly. I live a stone's throw from Landry's & Crappy Bills. both are worthless because they have enough tourists & business dinners moving through to keep them operating, the money goes into the perception of the product, not the product itself. I have the same theory regarding bud light, if the parent company spent 20% of the money that they spend advertising the product on the actual product itself, it would be the most untouchably delicious beer in the world and we would all be better people for having the opportunity to drink it. The reality is that it's mass produced bum pee, much akin to the slop they serve at these frat-boy-staffed tourist attractions we have near the airport that crank out "food" for the masses.

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                  But there is also good chain food close to the airport. I actually like Flemings, Lee Roy Selmons, Ocean Prime, and Roy's.

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                    I concur (somewhat)- LRS has amazing wings (oh man and that bacon ranch...) and cornbread casserole, and OP, Roy's, and Flemings have decent happy hours. I always enjoyed Boizao too, that's one of the better upscale places to get a food coma for 20 bucks at lunch!

                    1. re: askdrtodd

                      Ready when you are!!!

                      ------ Boizao... I'm overdue...

                      1. re: Mild Bill

                        Thanksgiving week when I am off! I have been wanting to go to lunch there for a while but it is hard for me to get out for lunch during the week. Plus it is usually a healthy meal for me ;-)

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                        I like LRS fried green tomatoes, cheese grits, and pulled pork nachos too!
                        OP I love that clover cocktail. I think that is what it is called... The specialty one made with whisky.

              2. The St. Petersburg Times' food critic, Jim Webster, just reviewed Chart House today. In short, the view is great, the food is good, the prices are high.


                The discussion here does raise an interesting (and perpetual) question: Where to go for good food with a view? I've always thought Armani's in Tampa is one of the best. Not much at the beach, unfortunately, though you get decent bay views at Salt Rock Grill at IRB, as well as at Latitudes in Madeira Beach and Ocean Breeze and the Sloppy Pelican at St. Pete Beach. Crabby Bills has a deck overlooking St. Pete Beach; food is decent, though not great. You can get a sliver of bay view if you sit on the porch at Walt'z Fish Shack in Madeira Beach.

                Any others?

                Chart House
                2250 Front Street, Melbourne, FL 32901

                Salt Rock Grill
                19325 Gulf Blvd, Indian Shores, FL 33785

                Crabby Bills
                7675 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

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                  On the Tampa side- Armanis and Oystercatchers have two of the better views (especially at sunset!) with solid food, Hula Bay Club has a pretty decent view with pretty decent food, as does Colonnade with a pretty view of Bayshore, albeit over a sea of white hair. The Tampa Club has a pretty killer view too. I'm not fond of the restaurant itself, but Ocean Prime has a pretty deck area and a well decorated interior too.

                  1. re: askdrtodd

                    I had forgotten about Hula Bay. I remember it when it was Rattlefish. You're right, great location.

                2. I wish I had checked the net before I blew $115 on dinner for 2! I had made the mistake of going to Landrys once, and it was the worst dining experience I ever had. Check that, the Crappy Bills up the road was the worst, but Landrys was a close second!

                  I remember CH from about 15 years ago in Westchester NY and I wanted to see if it was as good as I remember.

                  The evening started with us driving up to an abandoned looking valet parking stand. We had no idea if there was no valet or if he was off getting a car. No biggie, we just drove around the side of the building and parked ourselves.

                  The 1st red flag was the stench. We were assaulted by a strong sewage smell that engulfed us all through the lot. We were happy to get inside! The hostesses were nice enough and ensured me that Landrys was well in the past and there had been a complete make over. Funny that the place still looked a lot like Landrys, but whatever. We sat in a quiet booth by the bar and settled in. Everything looked good on the menu, so I had a tough time deciding on an appetizer. I finally settled on the French Fries with Plaintain chips and something else that I can't remember. It ended up being a large container of FF with about 3 or 4 of the plaintain and other chips! Oh well the FF were good and salty and disappeared fast.

                  Right about that time, the manager walked by, and ignored us of course. So I called him over to our table and told him about the stench. He promised to look into it, which was all that could be expected.

                  I ordered the Salmon and it came looking like it had been stuck under a heat lamp for an hour. It was the most dry leathery looking thing I've ever seen. Luckily the manager walked by again and this time inquired about our meals. I told him about the salmon, he took one look at it, and quickly took my plate and apologized for it.

                  While I was waiting for the replacement, I googled the restaurant on my phone and read the lukewarm reviews. I then read that CH is owned by the folks behind both Landrys and Crappy Bills. I should have guessed!

                  I ordered dessert, apple crisp, cherries, ice cream, but it was also barely edible. At least the manager comped the dessert, but we have scrapped this place from our dining list. Aquanox across the street is superb, and Oystercatchers down the road is one of the very best in the bay - either one of those places would have been a better choice and probably a cheaper choice as well.

                  You've been warned!

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                    I agree completely, Chart House sucks. Crappy Bills is worse. Aquaknox is actually going bye-bye within 30 days, it'll be something else. (Please Lord, let it be something awesome!)

                    You're spot on with OC though, I've always had good food there (albeit pricey)

                    Chart House
                    2250 Front Street, Melbourne, FL 32901

                    1. re: askdrtodd

                      I didn't know Aquaknox was fixing to change, already. I liked it the couple of times we went.

                      1. re: Miss E

                        yup. hey Miss E, send me an email, I wanted to ask you something off CH. it's askdrtodd at gmail