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Sep 3, 2010 07:27 AM

pardes restaurant in brooklyn

saw this mentioned on'sweb site

found on their facebook page

497 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11217Phone:
Mon - Thurs:
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The menu looks Asian-inspired, with heavy Indian and Japanese influences.

it looks like this:

Popcorn with Rosemary, Garlic, & Smoked Paprika 6

Pardes Fries-Garlic/Truffle Mayo, House Made Red Wine Ketchup 6

Bowl of Marinated Olives with Herbs D’ Provence 6

Jar of Seasonal House Made Pickles 6

Sweet & Sour Long Hots with Raisins and Balsamic 6

Baby Indian Eggplant, Smoked Paprika, Apple, and Lemon 6

New Potatoes with Coriander, Red Peppers, and Tomato 6

Simple Mixed Greens, Red Wine Vinaigrette 8

Arugula Salad, Beets, Olives, Hazelnuts, Truffle Dressing 10

Vegetarian Soup Du Jour 7

Crispy Seitan Kabobs, Smoked Shiitake-Leek-Tomato Fondue, Puree of Lentils, Almond Cream 19

Little Fish:

House Cured Gravlax, Golden Beets, Apples, Mint, Pine Nuts, Lime Cream 10

Tuna Tartare, Smoked Paprika, Saffron, Lemon Confit, Croutons 13

Home Made Bouqerones, Red Pepper, Caper Berries, Arugula Lemon Dressing 10

Big Fish:

Fresh Linguine, Salt Cured Tuna, Spicy Fresh Tomato Sauce, Herbs, Preserved Lemon, Bread Crumbs 19 (Available without Tuna)

Nile Perch, Sweet Garlic Cream, Green Pea Sardinian Couscous, Black Licorice Syrup, Grape-Garlic-Fennel Ragout 24

Roasted Salmon, Cauliflower-Potato Puree, Sauce Baumeniere 25

Roasted Tuna Loin, Jersey Tomato Salad, Avocado, Pickled Red Onions, Chickpea Croutons, Red Wine-Sea Weed Vinaigrette 32

Meat Snacks:

Duck Proscuitto, Melon, Mint, Fennel, Mission Fig Puree, Vanilla-Lime Vinaigrette 11

Smoked Beef Tartare, Black Pepper-Caraway Oil, White Asparagus Slaw, Pumpernickel Crunchies 11

Aroncini di Riso, Veal Ragout Stuffing, Tomato Coulis 9

Spicy-Smokey Chicken Wings, Tomato Salad with Herbs, Preserved Lemon, Green Olive & Jalapeno 13

Sweetbread Kebob with Garlic and Lavender, Hazelnut-Potato Salad, Creamy Mustard Sauce 14

Meat & Bread:

Grilled Baby Chicken Sandwich, Treviso, Tomato, Rouille 13

House Cured Smoked Brisket, Country Bread, Herbs D’ Provence Mustard, Dandelion Greens, Tomato, Pickled Red Onion, Fries 15

Braised Veal Hoagie, Baguette, Broccoli Raabe, Garlic, Chiles, Fries 15

Pardes Burger, 12oz Ground Chuck, Avocado, House Pickles, Tomato, Beef Fry, Truffle Mayo, Ciabatta Roll, Fries 17

Meat Entrées:

Chicken Milanese, Breaded Breast, Salad of Crispy Fennel Flavored Leg Confit, Arugula, Capers, Polenta Croutons, Olive Vinaigrette, Sunny-Side Up Egg 23

Rosemary-Orange Gnocchi, Spicy/Smokey Duck Ragout with Olives 20

Steak Frites, London Broil, Red Wine-Shallot Sauce, Fries 24

Lamb Shoulder, Hearty Minestrone with Fall Vegetables, Pesto 28


Blueberry Cobbler, Polenta-Pistachio Crumble, Candied Lemon Ice Cream 7

Strawberry Crepe, Lavender Ice Cream 7

Chocolate Tarte, Medjool Date-Sesame Crust, Caramelized Banana Ice Cream 7

Crème Brulee with Vanilla and Bee Pollen, Almond Biscotti 7

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        1. Opened today - Sunday October 24th, 2010 at Noon.

          1. Was there this week. The menu is really creative, prices are pretty good. Service is fast, and the food is delicious!

            3 Replies
            1. re: lazalaz

              we went last night-we beg to differ on service being fast. It took a while for our food to arrive. But we found it well worth the wait

              1. re: koshergourmetmart

                I think it also has to do with what you order, and how many other diners are there at the same time. You both might be right.

                1. re: queenscook

                  Our food has come too quickly. the prices are very low for this kind of creative, masterful cooking. and Queenscook is undoubtedly correct that it can depend on the hour and the crowd. But it is also a matter expectation. Do you think of a restaurant as a place to eat a meal, or as a destination where you are an art lover come to savor the chef's art?

                  If you want a quick meal and out. Tell the server. Then listen to her/his guidance about how to order for efficiency.

            2. i Was there tonight,the food and service was great. By far one of the best restaurants I have been too, with a constantly changing and seasonal menu. Really nice and modern cuisine.

              12 Replies
              1. re: israelbound

                what were the portions like ? you said service and food were great , but were you still hungry when you left ?

                1. re: georgeliot

                  The portions were fine... I was full.

                  1. re: lazalaz

                    I went - they've changed their menu and I think raised their prices substantially so that they are really not much different than Manhattan. It's an attractive little place but the food wasn't so incredible, just pretty good and the service wasn't great. I pre-ordered for pick-up, they said it would be ready in half an hour and it was almost an hour.

                    1. re: SimonF

                      I want to respectfully disagree. In my view, Pardes is the best kosher restaurant in the tri-state area and I have been to nearly all of them (only a slight exaggeration)! The food is adventuresome, fresh and expertly and attentively prepared. I have only experienced wonderful, knowledgeable service. The nature of the food requires preparation time so don't go there for takeout.

                        1. re: Kosher Critic

                          I will agree with Simon that the prices have gone up significantly since the restaurant opened last year. Otherwise, I do think that Pardes is better than any other kosher restaurant in the tri-state area, and that its strengths aren't suited to takeout.

                        2. re: SimonF

                          I am going to passionately disagree. The prices have gone up, no doubt. But there is still a huge difference in price between the really high end manhattan places that their food compares too and often exceeds. I live in Manhattan but I find it worthwhile to leave the city to go to Brooklyn for this gem. I can get alot more for the same money, and I can't think of another kosher restaurant that is so creative and adventurous with the food, and changes up the menu so regularly. Overall, it is just an incredible value and truly unique on the kosher scene.

                          1. re: SimonF

                            I went for the first time last week. I eat mostly in nonkosher restaurants but have eaten in many kosher restaurants, too, and I thought Pardes was a real stand-out in both categories in terms of food. I would agree with other posters that it's particularly unique in the kosher restaurant scene. My appetizer was a lentil stew with lemon zest and a poached egg and some kind of foam. It was the best, brightest, most flavorful and exciting dish I've had at a restaurant in recent memory, something I was not expecting of lentils. Our party had steak, a burger, roast chicken with a tomato and fresh relish side salad, kohlrabi and squash salad, and yam soup with coconut cream. There was a wide variety of predictable options and more inventive options.

                            1. re: MiriamWoodstock

                              OK, y'all have convinced me to give it a second chance.

                              1. re: SimonF

                                :) I think eating in is probably a better idea. A lot of the elegance and careful composition probably gets lost with takeout. That said, at those prices, I'd expect consistently good experiences, so I don't blame you for your frustration.

                                1. re: MiriamWoodstock

                                  I agree with Miriam and one more suggestion I'd make if you are giving it a second shot is to go when you are not under a time constraint. The service is always friendly, but I've found that sometimes it can be slow. And you definitely want to make a reservation, because otherwise there is often a wait. All that said, it is usually worth it. Hope you enjoy - please report back.

                                  1. re: Hirscheys

                                    After all this talk about Pardes, I had to go and try it and here is my review: My wife and I made 8:30 reservations and showed up at 8:00 hoping to be seated earlier. The hostess actually apologized to us for not being able to seat us right. That was just the beginning of our favorite dining experience ever. It is true that there is not much space for seating, but the staff was totally helpful and extremely pleasant the whole evening. Our waiter "introduced" us to the menu with actual knowledge and practical advice - not just the typical "this is my favorite." In the end we chose the seared tuna, chicken and waffles and marrow bones for appetizers and the chicken and pardes burger for main dishes. The seared tuna came out first and was outstanding. It had a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce that complemented each other very well and the chic peas was a great addition to the dish. We both loved the tuna. The chicken and waffles was, in my humble opinion, brilliant. The combination of the tender chicken pieces (organic) on the sweet waffle with the (I think) peanut sauce was delicious. I believe with a larger portion, it would have made for an excellent main dish as well. The marrow bones came 3 pieces standing with cuscus overflowing from the tops. Simple yet heavenly. If you are not too neat or health conscious, try eating the fat cooked on the outside of the bones...yum!!! Then came the main dishes. My wife's chicken was a work of art. It had boneless tender chicken breasts and a couple of chicken wings surrounded by veal sweetbreads, some type of mushroom I can't pronounce, small chestnuts and the peanut sauce. Fortunately, my wife was in a sharing mood. It tasted so good that I was almost jealous until my burger came out. It looked amazing and tasted even better! The bun was a soft roll with part of the bread scooped out and some lettuce tomatoes and I believe onions in the cratered space (nice touch!). The meat was perfectly cooked and tender without being too juicy or raw. It came with a side of fries that were one of the best I ever had (you can order as a side dish if you don’t order the burger). I washed down my meal with a Kwak beer that came out in a bong shaped glass connected to a wooden handlebar - tasty and fun! At this point, I made my way to the kitchen to thank the chef for what was my best dining experience ever. It was also 10:15 and we had to get home to our baby sitter, but I couldn’t leave without ordering dessert. We got the walnut ice cream and something else (don’t remember the name but it had a cream topping that was fantastic). The walnut ice cream was by far one of the best desserts either of us ever tasted. It came in a bowl surrounded by cookies (I am not sure what type of cookie but it fit perfectly in) which together was “I can’t stop smiling delicious” but the addition of the cooked (I think) apples made it, if at all possible, even better. To sum it all up…we can’t wait to go back!!