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Sep 3, 2010 07:14 AM

Bubba's Smokehouse any good?

Came across this place in La Jolla. Anybody have any experiance with them? Are they a 'true' BBQ place with a wood smoke pit? I'm not all that excited about parboiled "BBQ" (like Phil's).


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  1. Funny, I was just looking at them- they're a Reader Steals this morning:

    Never been there, wood (that's smokin humor) like a report. I'm a bit fussy about BBQ, and I don't mean grilling.

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      They're also on the

      I bit the bullet and bought a coupon... guess we'll see... their menu looks like it has promise, but I wish they had St. Louis style ribs :(

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        Yup, that is why I'm asking (and also because I haven't heard much about them). As long as it is real BBQ, I'd probably give it a try.


      2. re: Fake Name

        Down the street from us. Very pedestrian. We get take out occasionally when we are too lazy to cook. Not worth a special trip or paying full price. I'm sure there is certainly no comparison to the flavor of the ribs from that secret smoke house in the Mission Hills area.

      3. Took advantage of the coupon and had lunch here today. Walked in around noon and *gasp* no pork ribs! Apparently they needed another 40 minutes (which, unfortunately, we didn't have) so we settled for some other menu items. Between the two of us, we had some tri-tip, chicken, chopped brisket, beef ribs, fried okra, mac/cheese and cornbread.

        Everything was decent. The BBQ sauce was actually quite tasty, although a bit on the sweet side for me. My main issue is that all the meat is heavily smothered in it - I guess preferences will differ, but I like my meat smoked with the dry rub and the sauce on the side. Weakest part of the food was actually the sides. Cornbread tasted like it came out of some a pre-mixed batter (texture was very homogenous and "smooth", and was rather bland). Mac/cheese was also unremarkable... the sauce was creamy but in a Velveeta-like way and it was reminiscent of Kraft. Okra were tasty, but they were cut into such small pieces that you mainly got the taste of fried batter - would have been perfect if they had fried the okra whole.

        I'd probably come back one more time to try out the baby back ribs. If so, I'd definitely ask to see if I could get my ribs dry. Stop by for a bite if you're in the neighbourhood, but don't drive out of your way unless you're really craving ribs.

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          good review - agreed on all your points.