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chocolate mint candy bar

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I am an American who worked in Mississauga ten years ago. I frequently bought a chocolate mint candy bar from a convenience store near my worksplace. I am trying to remember the candy name. I think it had the word "Royal" in the name. Can anyone help?

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  1. I might be really wrong about this but I think the chocolate bar you're talking about (green package?) may have been a mint royale, which was rebranded as the After Eight chocolate bar. At first when the change happened the bar tasted the same but I haven't had an After Eight bar in a few years now so I'm not sure if it's the same or not.

    Also: if you're looking for something similar I've found the Laura Secord french mint bar hits the spot... not sure if you can get those where you are.

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      That was it! Thank you, Manybears. It is possible to order Canadian candy on the Internet.

    2. Oh man, the Mint Royaleused to be my favourite chocolate bar when I was a teenager and I had forgotten all about it until you mentioned it. I may run a test to find out if the After Eight bar is its current incarnation.

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        what about York Peppermint Pies or whatever they are called, those are tasty!

      2. Oh yeah... the Mint Royale. Those were a lot of awesome!