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Sep 2, 2010 08:17 PM

FYI...Zena's Lebanese cuisine in Orange

After a full day of conferencing my work mate and I were in need of revitalization. Being Lebanese and a local resident of Orange, she chooses Zena's. She eats meat (Kibbeh) I don't. I was quite intrigued with the salad platter medley but, not for the price of 45$ - even for two. We were the only patrons so when the owner came by to take our order, he spent time with us. We couldn't decide what we wanted. I loved the idea of the salads but told him 45$ was way too much for me. My friend wanted Kibbeh. So, the owner offered to "put something together" that would satisfy us both. Food came and came, ...babaganouj, eggplant salad, fattoush, olives, hummus.....fabulous Arnabeet (fried cauliflower) her Kibbeh and a few pieces of chicken. It was beautiful, food was fab and we ate! When the bill came however, we were stunned by how much we were charged. I was insulted that we were charged almost 70$! especially when I originally said 45$ was too much. Unfortunately, we trusted the owner a bit much and he ran with that connection. Should YOU choose to eat here, be aware. I recommend the food. It was really delish however, be very clear if you want to be creative with your ordering.
I let the owner know we felt taken advantage of and he took 25$ off the bill. We paid but, left no tip.

Zena's Lebanese Cuisine
2094 N Tustin St Ste C2, Orange, CA 92865

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  1. Yeah, that place is pricey... but you clearly were taken advantage of... what a shame. I've never had their fried cauliflower... sounds interesting.

    1. I've been to Zena's. It's quite good but shockingly, shockingly expensive. You can eat nearly as well at Cedars a few blocks down Tustin Ave., or just head west to Little Arabia where you can eat stunning well (and share a $15 meal with one or two others) at Olive Tree.

      Be aware that Olive Tree is only open after 7:30 p.m. right now for iftar (the meal that breaks the Ramadan daily fast)... but oh, what a spread!

      Olive Tree
      512 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim, CA 92804

      1. I went to Zena's recently for the first time and was actually not that impressed. I've had much better Lebanese food elsewhere in Southern California. The only stand out there was my friend's beef schwarma I tasted...THAT was delicious!