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Sep 2, 2010 07:53 PM

Sicilian Eggplants= HELP ASAP

Just rec'd 2 round sicilian eggplants, weighting just over 2 lbs in total.
Never used eggplants and am uncertain how to handle them.
My questions are: do I salt them to remove bitterness or is this a thing of the past?
Do I peel them or is the skin ok to leave on? Do I slice them lenght or width, or does it really matter?

Lastly, I would love to make a truly authentic eggplant parm. Anyone with a great recipe and step by step way to handle these 2 lovely round eggplants? I would like to make this tomorrow, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. Check Phoenikia's current eggplant thread on this board for links to other eggplant threads. There's also

    Just-harvested eggplants are not as bitter as older ones. The darker the skin color, the more likely to be bitter. I usually don't salt but if you do, be sure to rinse it off and pat them well-dry.
    Peel or not, slice either direction, cube, or use a peeler to make strips. These can be squeezed dry, then stir-fried or used like pasta. For eggplant parm, you can bread and dry, or brush with oil and roast or cook in a wafflemaker. Layer with your favorite cheeses and tomato sauce before baking. Two pounds is a small amount. Eggplants have a lot of water and will shrink when cooked, more or less, depending on method. Sauteeing shrinks less than roasting. A 1# eggplant roasted till it collapses, then scooped, will yield roughly a cup of flesh.

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      Thank's Greygarious, I decided to make Lidia B's recipe of eggplant and tomatoes. It is a sauce for pasta and if was very good. I'm not a big eggplant person but really enjoyed it.
      Thx again for the website, it will come in handy.