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Sep 2, 2010 07:15 PM

Kosher Sunday Brunch in Manhattan

Looking to take a couple of folks to Brunch on Sunday in midtown Manhattan or on the East Side. Someplace to eat comfortably and have a conversation. Doesn't have to be Chalav Yisrael. Suggestions?

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  1. Sacred Chow has a vegan brunch, if you accept their supervision.

    Le Marais has a brunch menu.. it's meat though.

    1. My Most Favorite Dessert Company could work, though it is now on the west side (72nd between Broadway and West End Avenue).

      1. What about Bagels & Co?
        Don't know how nice it is though.....

        1. Darna has brunch. It is fleichig. The last time I was there for brunch (a number of months ago) it was actually very good. It was very different from other kosher brunch places.
          I certainly second My Favorite Food. Their brunch was excellent. Make sure you sit in their inside room.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions. So we 1) wanted to start a little earlier than some of the places that were suggested open for brunch; 2) wanted milchigs, someplace where we could sit and shmooze and 3) wanted to stay mid-town or east side. So in the end we went with Milk and Honey on 45th St. Two of us had eggs & hash browns and I had the French panini. They thought their meals were fine. It took a while for the panini and it came too well toasted (hard) for my liking. Would have been better too if the melted cheese was on a plate rather than a paper liner. Blueberry muffin was very good. All that being said, Milk and Honey was a good location for us to spend 1.5 -2 hours over coffee and tea and bfast.