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Sep 2, 2010 07:01 PM

Enameled Cast Iron Doufeu dutch oven ID? Size 20, marked "ac" *pics inside*

I very happily picked this up today, and am really looking forward to cooking with it. I've not been able to find out anything about the lower case "ac" inside a circle imprinted on the top of the lid. I think it's about 7 1/4 quart, and is the same color as the flame orange Le Creuset. It has some crazing, and seems like it has more than a few years under it's belt (lid?), though still has a lot of life left!

Any info out there? Would love to learn more! :) Thank you!!

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  1. Anyone have any ideas? Thx!

    1. For anyone who was curious (and for possible future reference for anyone looking for it), it turns out my doufeu is made by Cousances (pre-Le Creuset). I was cleaning it up a bit again, and the light coming in the window hit the bottom just right so I could just make out "Cousances" and "Made in France". Still not sure why the lid says "ac", and would love that mystery solved....

      Lastly, this doufeu has the exterior bottom enamelled, as well, which I don't believe was always typical of Cousances (?).

      The exterior bottom is also of a "grill" type pattern, though the interior is smooth..... I wonder why this is?

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        I have some vintage cousances that is enameled on the bottom as well. Can't seem to find out what time period it is from, though I assume that it must be after Le Creuset purchased Cousances in the late fifties--because the oldest Cousances was not enameled on the bottom.

        When I called Le Creuset, they were only slightly helpful. They did say that LC was still producing items under the Cousances name until 15 years ago. (For what it's worth.)

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          Thanks for the info- Truly appreciated!

        2. re: dost

          I purchased several Cousances pots in France more than 20 years ago, and they both read Cousances/Made in France on the bottom with the number on the inside lid (as in 24/Made in France.) Both are enameled on the inside lid and on the bottom. They do yeoman's work. (I also have a Cousances cookbook from 1977 with basic recipes, all of which involve braising...)