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Sep 2, 2010 06:47 PM

Family Food Day (KC)

We find ourselves in the most unusual position this soccer games, no family/friends visiting, no wedding/family reunion to go to, no home repair projects (Is this what freedom feels like?!?).

Anyway...we've decided that Saturday is going to be a "chowhound" day (something that has sorely been lacking in our lives due to the aforementioned activities).

We have a tentative plan of making the long drive South (we're Northlanders) to Overland Park Farmer's Market (10-year old's idea), on to Penzey's to replenish our ever diminishing spice pantry, LUNCH PLANS NEEDED (One Bite?), next stop Christopher Elbow's Glace (9-year old's demand), and final stop at Pryde's Westport to buy kitchen stuff I didn't even know I needed. We will finish the night with a family cooked supper using all of our goodies from the day.

Does anyone have any ideas I'm missing (I was also thinking of a tour of Shatto Milk Farm (wrong direction from OP, I know))...a tasty idea for lunch (we rarely make it down South anymore ~ what have I been missing?)!?!?

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  1. It may not fit your plans, but there is a spice guy in the City Market downtown that has excellent fresh spices for $1 / scoop. The shop is on the West sidewalk and its called Al Habashi ( I think). He's funny and friendly, the spices/herbs are every bit as good as Penzey's and its CHEAP.

    I love me some Pryde's.

    City Market
    20 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106

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      I bought some of my Indian Spices at Al Habashi - they are great! I'll have to branch out and try some others. Thanks!

    2. I think One Bite is the best option (but I may be biased, since we're regulars!). The other option would be Taste in OP. The girls would love the cookies and milk dessert, and if you space it out enough you could still have room for Glace! :-)

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      1. re: Katie Nell

        We went to Taste last night... do. not. go!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Uh oh, I'd heard it's gone downhill, but no particulars. Do you care to elaborate?

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            They are just really trying to do too much and the food was just not good. We tried several small plates... crab cakes, pork cheeks with caramelized onion pirogi, short ribs, and the cheese plate. The pork cheeks were the worst for me... unbearably sweet sauce just covering the entire thing. The cheese plate looked like the cheeses came from Price Chopper... the smoked gouda looked like the pre-sliced kind. I wanted dessert, but was afraid to try after that, so we got ice cream at Twister's instead. It's too bad, because we wanted a place that we could just go on a whim and not have to make a reservation and not have to worry about dressing up, etc.

            At least One Bite is always consistent!

      2. Great plan. Be sure to tour downtown OP.

        1. We ended up having a great day! The weather was gorgeous....loved being able to wear a hoodie at the farmer's market!

          The Overland Park Farmer's Market was really nice. We let the kids pick out the veggies....lots of peppers, butternut squash and potatoes. One of the vendors gave the kids cucumbers to munch on and it just cracked me up to see them walking around gnawing on them.

          Made the short walk up to Penzeys & The Tasteful Olive. I couldn't drag my husband or the kids out of The Tasteful Olive - still amazed we only walked out with two bottles of oil & vinegar. Explored some of the other stores along the street.

          Then on to One Bite. We thought it was incredible! My eldest thought the vegetables that came with the Steak Teriyaki were the best she's ever had - given the fact she's a big ol' carbaholic - high praise indeed. In fact, she made us buy a bottle of their teriyaki sauce in order to replicate the dish at home. But the absolute best was my husband's Modan Yaki - I think I could eat it every day and not get sick of it!

          Next stop - Glace. They were out of The Fleur de sel Caramel - which was a bit disappointing as it's my favorite. Still...very good...and just lovely to sit outside and enoy it.

          Final Destination - Pryde's Westport - which was very busy. My husband claimed he was starting to get a bit claustrophobic - but I think that was just code for "I want to go home and watch college football".

          Anyway...a beautiful day. That night we made Beer Butt Chicken with Penzey Spices, fire-roasted peppers and mushrooms w/ vinegar & oil dressing from The Tasteful Olive, bolied potatoes with butter, cream cheese & chives (just because that's what I was in the mood for). The next night I made a curried roasted butternut squash with Moroccan Spiced Leg of Lamb. Wish we could have a weekend like this every weekend!

          Final Destination Bar & Cafe
          10660 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Saint Ann, MO 63074

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            Mushroom ,I am glad that you and your family had a good time. For your husband, Ohio State and Miami on Saturday. A friend at work is giving away cash betting on Miami. He is even going to the game Do something fun instead..