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Sep 2, 2010 05:23 PM

Denver- Best Ethiopian?

Hi everyone. I'm meeting my boyfriend in Denver on Friday, and want Ethiopian (been craving it, and there's none in Rifle, lol). Which restaurant is the best? BTW, I will be eating vegetarian.


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  1. Habesha is near where I live and I haven't felt compelled to venture anywhere else! Colfax & Ivy. Their "Vegetarian Combo" is great (plenty for 2 people), with about 8-10 different preparations of legumes and vegetables.

    1. Queen of Sheba is the best I've had. The owner makes everything from scratch herself and it's all great. It can take a while because she does all the cooking. They also serve Ethiopian beer and homemade honey wine, which not all of the places around here have.

      1. Has anyone been to...I think it's Abyssinia?

        I've only been to Arada and Axum, both of which I enjoyed, though I do hear good things about Queen of Sheba as well. Truth be told, I can't recall any outright bad reviews of any local Ethiopian; seems pretty solid.