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Sep 2, 2010 05:18 PM

Restaurant recommendations for Thanksgiving

I am seeking advice on restaurants for Thanksgiving in Chicago. Should be kid friendly and able to seat 7. Looking for a replica of traditional TG meal.

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  1. Every year there are listings of restaurants and their Thanksgiving plans, on Opentable as well as in the Tribune's Metromix website. Most places offer at least the option of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It's a bit early at this point in time; I think those listings start becoming available mid to late October.

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      Opentable's Thanksgiving listings are now available at although I'm sure more restaurants will be added to those listings as we get closer to the holiday.

      Also, I see the Peninsula (presumably The Lobby restaurant there) is mentioned below with a $75 price. Most of their recent special holiday brunches (Easter, Mother's Day, etc) have been around $105/person, and I would be surprised if their Thanksgiving dinner turns out to be any less than that. If this is a concern, ask in advance.

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        There's now an article in "The Stew", the Tribune's dining blog, listing various dine-in and carry-out options for Thanksgiving:

      2. It is a bit early, but I'd say your best bet would be hotel restaurants. They're most likely to be open, offer a traditional menu, and be able to accommodate your party.

        1. I had a great meal last year at David Burke's Primehouse. I saw families there and large groups. I think there were enough dishes which would satisfy your need for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The price was very reasonable and the atmosphere was fun. Take a look at the restaurant's website when the date approaches and you can see the menu.

          David Burke's Primehouse
          616 N Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611

          1. Chicago Firehouse has always in the past had a very good Thanksgiving buffet.


            No indication if it's on for this year, but my guess is probably. Give them a call.

            Chicago Firehouse Restaurant
            1401 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

            1. It is good advice indeed to keep tabs on the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times as Thanksgiving approaches, because a review of the choices available is printed annually, with comments and prices.
              That said, Thanksgiving is big business for the Chicago food industry. The suggestion to consider one of the grand hotels is a good one. Most will have buffets, buffets have their flaws, but many assets as well.
              I cannot comment on the Thanksgiving buffets, not having tried them, however, the Four Seasons Chicago has never disappointed. I've enjoyed their Sunday brunch, it's grand, offers everything, custom omelets, carved meats, seafood, shrimp, crab claws, pasta choices, Asian stir-fry, a sea of desserts. I don't recall bad service, ever.
              I have stopped in for a bite to eat late, after the opera, and enjoyed it greatly, knowing that they are usually open until at least midnight, my point being, the service and good cooking are always to be expected.
              It's not inexpensive, Sunday brunch is $70 now, roughly, drinks extra, the Thanksgiving spread is surely a bit more, but you and your family members, or guests, will feel special, it is a grand cafe, and a wonderful choice for Thanksgiving.
              I live near the hotel, and have been told by guests and friends over the years that they have greatly enjoyed Seasons, and felt well taken care of. The Drake, Fairmont, Swissotel, Sofitel, Ritz-Carlton, and many others, don't do a bad job either. Kids are welcome at all of the above.

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                family has been to the peninsula hotel twice for thanksgiving. its a huge buffet with you name,
                its there. asian, seafood, meats, game , all thanksgiving foods, scores of different desserts. 11/2- 2 hour seatings is more than enough time to gorge yourself. quality is very good. restaurant wine list available. don't know anything about anyother hotel or restaurant. i have a rule usually no dining out on tg, xmas, new years,and valentines day. to hectic ,to expensive and to rushed with what seems to be a less enjoyable experience. cost at the peninsula was $75/pp.