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Anyone with reviews of Jacob Worth?

We are not Boston locals, but have a son in the area. We saw a receint article on the historical significance of the restaurant & it sounded interesting. Anyone actually eaten there?

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  1. It can be an entertaining restaurant to go to, especially on Friday nights when there's a mass sing-along that's been going on there for ages. But the food ranges from passable to dreadful. I can't recommend it.

    1. Only had desserts -the apple cherry strudel and german chocolate cheesecake -and they were very good.

      1. It's Jacob Wirth and if you search here you will find some writeups of it.

        Yes, it is a historical space. The food is not much to write home about but I'll take it any day over some of the Disney-ish food options in Faneuil Hall. Decent beer selection, too. I don't mind taking visitors to Boston there because it's nice to have a bit of Boston history that you can actually get a seat in, but I set expectations for the food fairly low. I do like their fried pickles though.

        Jacob Wirth Restaurant
        31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

        1. it's got history, but has seen better days. The food hasn't been good since the '70s. Intermission Tavern nearby is reasonably priced comfort food and Montien is ok Thai.

          Intermission Tavern
          228 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

          1. Use to go there quit a bit for lunch, good overall pubby food, very good German dishes brats etc. and good New England boiled dinner with corned beef. Very reasonable. They also validate parking in the lot next to the building.

            1. OK, you could file this one under the thread on "places that I shouldn't like"... but I have a soft spot for Jacob Wirth. The really have a nice beer list, usually including a cask ale option, as well as a few nice german beers... and every once in a while, I feel the need for Wiener Schnitzel....

              Jacob Wirth Restaurant
              31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

              1. Tell your son to sit at the bar, order sausages and kraut, and beer. He'll enjoy the authentic atmosphere and the grumpy waiters. It has declined, but it has been there forever, and it's still fun once in a while.

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                  I too have had good luck with sausages and beer at Wirth's, even though it's been a few years!

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                    It's hard to mess up sausages, and they're not bad here. But they really do have one of the best beer lists in town, even though it tends to be overlooked: a great selection of German and Belgians, with some locals. The other day I was there and they had Schneider Aventinus on tap, which is rare and fantastic.

                  2. I've had good luck with the wursts here - seemed somewhat expensive when I first started going to JW about 10-15 years ago, but doesn't seem like they have changed their prices since then, so a bit more reasonable today. And I had a decent (just needed to be crisped up on the outside to be outstanding) schweinshaxen a couple of years ago. Haven't eaten here in a while - I'll have to stop in after the next beer fest at the cyclorama and revisit.

                    1. Went Saturday night with a group of seven before the T. Bone Burnett concert at the Wang. The chow was good - had a weisswurst on a roll with kraut and fries - nothing too crazy but was fine. Wished they had more than Gulden's mustard on the table...one DC had the iceburg wedge with bacon and chicken, which actually looked fresh and yummy, not overdressed - surprised that going off message worked out so well. Other folks had the sauerbraten and spaetzle and were generally pleased.

                      As for beverages, I had whatever cask they had running - I think it was an IPA - really really good - creamy, smooth...definitely recommend going that route.

                      1. I had a smoked bratwurst with red cabbage for lunch the other day, and was surprisingly pleased. The place is obviously a relic -- a Mitteleuropean take on what Boston dining would still be like if tech, finance, and immigration hadn't given the area a huge infusion of money and diversity -- but the wurst had snap, and the cabbage was pleasingly sour, and neither floppy nor overly crunchy. Good cornbread. Sysco butter. As reported, some decent mustards would be the next step, in the event they want to improve their game.

                        1. I've eaten there a couple of times in the past year (after not going for maybe a decade) and really enjoyed it both times - the atmosphere is vintage and the food not at all bad, but the thing that really impressed me was the beer list. Had two delicious cask-conditioned ales, and an even better beer from Germany that just blew me away (I wish I could remember the name - sorry!). It's not a place for an intimate dinner - it's kind of cavernous - but I still find it a lot of fun, if you are in the mood for it.

                          1. I started there in the 1960's and was a quasi-regular for about twenty years, returning to town on a regular basis. It was always perfectly fine for me. A schoolmate's father, who went therein the 1920's, always called it a dump but he did so with affection. I think it was a gag to deride it. In my experience, it had the only sausage worth shooting (in Boston) in the 1970's and these improved when I went back after a long absence in the 1990's. It is just basic, honest food. it is not "cutting edge" (whateverthehell that is). It is plain and honest. A Swiss friend of mine, who grew up in Germany, loves it. And, with a lump in my throat, I declare that it contributed not-a-little to my education in Life and Living when I was a boy/young man.

                            In short, I love it.