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Sep 8, 2005 04:47 PM

Grill on the Alley - suggestion needed

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I'm going to Grill on the Alley tonight for the first time. Is this a "just order the NY steak" kind of place or is there another entree I shouldn't miss? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Not the greatest food you'll ever get.

    The gazpacho is a good appetizer if you're into that sort of thing. The cobb salad is thought to be pretty good by some people too. I've liked the white fish and the trout.

    Can't say there's a dish you should "not miss," best thing about the place is the celebrity watching, the food at The Grill always struck me as incidental.

    1. Actually, I disagree with Tusc. I was there last week,(and several times before that) and have always had a great meal. There caesar salad is wonderful and the lump crab meat app. is also wonderful. I usually get the Filet, and it's more than I can eat, done just right, and very tender. Creamed spinach is fine too.

      1. Look at the entire menu and see what grabs you.
        (At least one thing will.)
        Order it and you can be sure it will be delicious.
        Maybe the only exception is a truly boring piece of light whitefish or something like that.

        1. Well, I went last night and had a fabulous meal. I can't recommend the chicken potpie enough - it was simply delicious! (not to mention how beautiful it was to look at) Go and try it.

          1. The food is jus so-so. The menu is long enough to find somethinng you like, steaks aren't bad, but whatever you find there that is good, you can get elsewhere, only better.