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Sep 2, 2010 03:35 PM

Best place to order lobster + salad ideas for it

I'd like to serve a cold lobster salad for my father's upcoming 88th birthday lunch, and I keep thinking of the delicious one at Gary Danko in San Francisco. Found one on epicurious that has fresh tarragon--of which I have a garden full--so am considering that. Anybody else have lobster salad ideas or, more importantly, where I can order the lobster itself?? Guess that frozen tails would be o.k. since it's in a salad or is the flavor of the fresh that much better?? Birthday is in two weeks so PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. Hi Ms Ghost,
    Don't go for the frozen stuff. Seek out a local fish monger and buy a feisty two pounder, maybe two. Google Jasper White on cooking times, or just buy his book.

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      It appears that OP lives in Texas where the fishmongers may be in short supply. Boo hoo. I have that problem also.

    2. I agree that live fresh whole lobsters are definitely the way to go here. Lobster tails are so often of inferior quality & can also be VERY salty. And there's no way to tell until it's too late. Depending on how many people you'll be serving along with the number of sides, I'd figure on 1 pound of live lobster per person. That may sound like a lot, but unfortunately you have to figure in the shells & other inedibles, plus can't count how much meat you'll get from each lobster - sometimes they're super full, sometimes not. Luckily, leftovers - if any - will never go to waste!

      I serve cold lobster 2 ways - either boiled, chilled, & halved with each person getting one half with garlic-tarragon mayonnaise on the side for dipping; or with all the meat from all the lobsters picked & blended with the garlic-tarragon mayo to make a salad that I either serve in lettuce-lined toasted hot-dog rolls as "Lobster Rolls", or on a bed of lettuce as a salad.

      Either way, I simply take good old Hellmann's mayo (the orig - no fat-free thank you very much!) & mix in several cloves of minced garlic to taste, some freshly-ground black pepper to taste, & minced fresh tarragon to taste. If I want a thinner consistency, I do so with a little Tarragon Vinegar.

      Oh, & if your budget is tight, there's nothing at all wrong with cutting your lobster with some nice cooked shrimp!! Works great with the lobster & is just as delicious!

      1. DH reminded me that some time ago we saw a piece on the CBS Sunday AM Show about a company called Catch a Piece of Maine. I just checked their website, and they have fresh, picked lobster meat available so that sounds like the way to go. Anybody had experience with this company??
        Unfortunately, c oliver was correct that there are no fishmongers nearby in the Hill Country of Texas!! Not unless one counts the catfish and/or bass that swim in the river in back of the house!
        Thanks for your help!! Any more recipe ideas?

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          I am lucky to live at the ocean now....but I when I didn't I need lobster once and got a couple live ones at Walmart and they even steamed them for me for free!

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            Hi Ms Ghost,
            Lots of places will ship live lobsters to your house. We Connecticut Yankees are pretty particular about the sea roach.