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Sep 2, 2010 03:31 PM

One-star restaurants in/near Beaune?

We're going to Beaune for a week, and my husband wants to eat at one of the one-star restaurants in the area. I've turned up:
Hostellier de Levernois
Le Charlemagne
Le Benaton
Loiseau des Vignes

Any feedback on any of these? And any other suggestions for restaurants, one-star or otherwise? I'd appreciate any input!


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  1. Le Charlemagne is a place you will love or "not get". My wife insists we return every time we visit the Cote d'Or, I would rather go to traditional bistros. The Chef worked at Lameloise and then went to Japan to learn.

    He seems to have a very whimsical touch. If you go, try to get the Chef's table in the kitchen. Not only do you get to watch the prep (a combination of the youngest kitchen staff I remember seeing and a very serene working environment). Right outside the Chef tables (2, 4 tops) are floor to ceiling windows to the vineyards.

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      I can't improve on Blue Ox's description of Le Charlemagne. The Hostellerie de Levernois is much more traditional, set in lovely gardens. Both are good but different; perhaps like Pierre Gagnaire compared to Taillevent. Le Montrachet is more similar to the Hostellerie de Levernois

    2. Le Montrachet in Pugligny-Montrachet is easily one-star quality and very enjoyable.

      1. Has Ma Cuisine lost its star? Either way, I wouldn't miss it. In Beaune.

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          I would agree to never miss Ma Cuisine in Beaune, but to my knowledge it never had a star.

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            Ditto. LOVED Ma Cuisine. Was not blown away by Loiseau, a bit fussy and nothing knocked my socks off, though my joue de veau was very tasty. La Cabotte in Nuit-Saint-Georges, in the pedestrianized rue was very good, went twice!

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              And Chez Guy in Gevrey-Chambertin!

        2. We had a very nice lunch at Abbaye de la Bussiere, in the countryside outside Beaune.

          1. Not sure of your budget, but Le Cepe is a two star, I think, and it is one of my most memorable fine dining experiences anywhere in the world, including a half dozen 2 or 3 star French restaurants. 5 years later I can still taste several of the dishes in my mind.

            It's possible it was exceptional for us because we were staying there at the hotel, and even though they didn't do the tasting menu the night we wanted to eat dinner there, I asked in advance that morning or the afternoon before, and they arranged it for us. So, there's a slight chance the kitchen had more time and attention to give our meal, or they made sure to treat us right because we were staying there, but I don't think a 2 star restaurant would really varry that much.

            The cheese cart was also in a class on its own with a memorable and expert affineur.

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              If you are referring to the restaurant in the famous old Hotel Le Cep within the walls of Beaune, the restaurant closed and was reopened 3 years ago by Bernard Loiseau's widow as "Loiseau des Vignes".

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                Yes, that's the one. Too bad! How is the new incarnation?