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Sep 2, 2010 02:12 PM

Bon chon

Does anybody know what happened to bon chon chicken? When Privus closed, i read that the franchise will be moved to a different restaurant in harvard square. From what I gather online, that restaurant appears to be Bull, but I have not heard if it has opened or if they carry bon chon chicken.

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  1. I too am curious if anyone has any news... I really miss that chicken!

    1. Rumor is they finally got their license and should be open soon. *Supposedly* they're aiming for this weekend, though I wouldn't hold my breath.

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      1. re: ballifimac

        I see no mention of Bon chon chicken in the article...maybe in at Bull BBQ?

        1. re: joebloe

          Yes, Bull BBQ will supposedly be serving Bon Chon chicken, so the question is when is Bull opening.

      2. hmm anymore updates on Bull BBQ opening or anyone going there and trying out their Bon Chon chicken? :)

        1. Walking through Allston last night I saw a Bon Chon sign going up at the space that was occupied by the resturant Toki on Brighton Ave. I noticed that Toki looked like it was closed the other day.

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          1. re: kallis33

            Wow, that's new. I was just there on Friday and don't recall a sign for Bonchon at all. If it's true, it would be good news. I'm so addicted to that chicken, and have been craving it ever since Privus packed up.

            1. re: kallis33

              Yep I saw the same thing when I drove by there today. There were people inside, but I couldn't tell if they were eating or just setting up.

              1. re: chefematician

                my grandsons miss Bon Chon chicken and so do I. May you be correct in your predictions.

            2. I remembered this thread as I was passing by this stretch on the 57 this afternoon, and there is indeed a Bon Chon sign outside. I couldn't tell whether they were open or not, but there were people in there. I'll try to check later in the week. I hope they open soon (if not already) as I've been having a hankering for some Bon Chon wings.