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Sep 2, 2010 01:55 PM

Favorite Teriyaki Joint?

Ok, I got the Jones for some teriyaki, but I want to try someplace outside my usual haunts (Wok's Teryaki on 6th Ave. S. and Yasuko's on 15th Ave.).

Any recommendations IN SEATTLE (other than Tokyo Gardens)? I do not especially care if it's sit-down, takeout, or from a truck, but rather I want the best damn 'yucki out there--shiny yet charred, with sauce you steal extra of...


Tokyo Garden
32911 1st Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003

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  1. After having moved from Redmond to Downtown Bellevue I'm still trying to find the good ones here, but here are a few favorites of mine on the Eastside:

    -Niko Teriyaki, Redmond (near the old QFC:) I've been eating here for years. Generous portions and good sauce.

    -Yummy Teriyaki, Redmond (Bear Creek Shopping Center near Safeway:) To be honest this isn't my first choice, but my parents and siblings swear by the place.

    -Tanpopo, Crossroads: Really tasty chicken Yakisoba.

    Kami Teriyaki, Kirkland (Totem Lake neighborhood): Haven't been there in quite a while, but this was one of my lunch standbys when I worked in the area.

    Sarku Japan, Southcenter Mall: Yeah, it's mall food court teriyaki, but there's something oddly compelling about the stuff...

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    1. re: Vexorg

      Yeah, downtown Bellevue is surprisingly light on good teriyaki places. The place by the Quizno's is not good and the one by Broiler Bay on Main is terrible.

      There's a place on the north side of NE 8th (just about across from Topolino's) that's pretty good. My favorite now is a place in Factoria.

      Nisai is probably my favorite on the Seattle side.

      Broiler Bay
      10636 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I've seen so-so reviews on that place (Teriyaki and Rolls I believe) so I haven't tried it yet (it also closes by 8.) One not too far from downtown that I found which seems pretty good is Himitsu Sushi and Teriyaki out on Northup Way. It seems to be primarily a sushi place, but also does take-out teriyaki as well. I haven't tried the sushi side of the menu, but the chicken teriyaki seemed pretty good. They're also open later than most places (I believe 10 on weekdays, 11 on weekends) which is another point in their favor.

    2. My new favorite teriyaki joint is Teriyaki & More in Bellevue. It's in this tiny little strip mall next to the Toyota Dealer in Eastgate, but they do great things with their spicy chicken stir-fry and I like that I can get brown rice there.

      Teriyaki & More
      3080 148th Ave SE Ste 101, Bellevue, WA 98007

      1. My two favorite in Seattle are Ichiro's in Magnolia and Okinawa Cafe at the downtown waterfront.

        1. I like Sunny Teriyaki in Ballard (although I usually go for the teri beef), and Happy Teriyaki downtown (downstairs on 5th between Pike/Pine).

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          1. re: akq

            When I worked downtown we referred to Happy Teriyaki as "Scary Teri" and we went a couple of times a month. It's my vote for favorite downtown, but I wasn't much of a teriyaki connosiour.

            1. re: Brunhilde


              LOL, I was probably the guy behind you, eating the (in)famous "Hot Bowl" at Happy T. I was there a couple of times a WEEK because I worked just across the street and it was dirt cheap. But I do NOT recommend the place at all.

              1. re: kaleokahu

                It's hilarious to me which teriyaki joints people designate as "scary". I think Yasukos, mentioned in OP, is waaaayy scarier than Happy Teriyaki, but they are all pretty scary if you think about it. I used to go to the Yasukos on Broadway when I was totally broke in college because for $6 you'd get enough rice, chicken and cabbage to eat for 3 days. I had my system down: 1st meal straight, then make fried rice from left overs. Add extra veggies (frozen) second day to stretch. That all ended the day I was standing there waiting for my order when the health inspector who happened to be there at the same time made them throw out all their meat because they left it all out at room temp...and indicated that this was not the first time he'd made them toss everything.

                Anyway, for downtown, Happy Terriyaki is the best within easy walking distance of my office but I've still only eaten there probably twice a year or so.

                1. re: akq

                  Yep, another scary teriyaki joint downtown gets my vote: Osaka Teriyaki at 2nd & Pike. Dirty floors, smoke billowing everywhere, line out the door... that's the place! I would never have eaten here if my friends hadn't been the "runners" picking up food from there first.

                  Order the lunch special - there's so much turnover the meat can't possibly be sitting out long; the grill is always full of juicy chicken thighs. $5.50 gets you delicious grilled chicken, a generous portion of sticky rice, and lettuce salad with slightly watery ranch dressing (good for dipping the chicken). Itadakimas!

                  Osaka Grill Teriyaki & Deli
                  128 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

            2. re: akq

              Another vote for Happy Teriyaki (although I usually go to the 3rd and Marion one.) They make things really simply, but it works well.

            3. I really like the teriyaki at Setsuna. For the chicken they use thighs with skin on. Their dinner special is a bargain: Miso soup, salad, rice and choose two entree items for $10. It's not going to rival Nishino or anything but it's a good value and the food is good. I like to get get teriyaki chicken and shrimp tempura.