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Sep 2, 2010 12:19 PM

Best bets in Southwark, Waterloo area?

I've got RSJ, Anchor and Hope, and Master's Fish noted. I have been to Master's before, and I wasn't too impressed, so I'm hoping the other two will be better. I've got some great options north of the river from many past trips and some foodie blogs I follow, but am wondering what else you all might recommend for the south side as I have spent very little time there. Atmosphere is not important - I've eaten some of the best meals in pretty dodgy-looking places, just great food of any ethnicity.


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  1. Old school Italian (Calabrese chef) at La Barca. Further east, there's curry katsu at Tsuru, and good lunch-y items (usually a roast, pasta etc) at Table (both just south of Tate Modern).

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        Also Zucca on Bermondsey St or its sister restaurant The Maltings Cafe (lunchtimes only). For a more upmarket experience, Magdalen on Tooley St (I think).

        A little further afield, and lunchtimes only or Thursday evening, I highly recommend Cornercopia in Brixton Village Market. Also good there is Bellantoni's (Italian) and The Islander's Kitchen (homey Filippino).

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          Ah right, I'd forgotten about Maltings..thanks! The other options sound great too. I will definitely have to report back.

      2. FYI two of us went to the A&H on a Wednesday at 7p.m. about a month ago and were given a 9:15 target time for a proper table, or we could grab a bar table to eat at if one came free. It was like a zoo, and not really suitable for my mildly disabled guest whom I was taking out for a treat. I'm pleased for them that they'e busy (what recession?), but it was like having a drink on the Northern Line at rush hour! We left them to it, only to discover that Livebait and Meson Don Fellipe were also full. We ended up in the branch of Taz bang opposite A&H and had a perfectly ok mixed grill. Avoid Taz's plonk with the "Musar" name, it's nothing like the real thing.

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          Wow..hardcore. I have to wonder if A&H is really worth it...any thoughts?

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            based on several recent meals the Anchor and Hope is in its best form in years. Lovely staff, inspiring menu, and the only place I'm chowing regularly round here (SE1 local). Robin is correct though, they do get busy, though lunch has never been a problem, nor has showing up before the 7pm rush for aperitifs. I've never been hurried by the staff here, so coming early does not necessarily mean a short stay. Otherwise there's little action about - head east to Bermondsey for cocktails at The Hide followed by dinner at Zucca?

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              had yet another great lunch at the Anchor and Hope on Friday - wasnt too busy at all, despite arriving just after 1pm. Service lovely as ever and food fantastic. So I would say yes, it it worth it!

        2. I like Inshoku's lunchtime bento box with the salted mackerel - good value at 7 pounds.
          Ruby murry also on Lower Marsh is ok healthy curries. They use olive oil and free range and organic produce.
          The EV on isabella st at lunchtime do a nice salad box with 5 choices for about a fiver.
          Mar I Terra on Gambia st is a really good tapas place - love their chicken livers with green leaves and lovely lamb chop.

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            Those are some great ideas for cheap eats - cheers!

          2. I'm back from London and did make it to The Anchor and Hope for a dinner. I was there around 6pm and there was no wait for a table which was nice as it is quite a small place with mostly communal tables. As has been noted, the service was great - very attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. The menu is small so my group managed to order about half the offerings. With the exception of a lentil appetizer that was rather bland and uninspired, all of the dishes were very good - among the best pub food I have had in London. That said, there are many better offerings among regular restaurants to be found around London. Also, everyone agreed that it would be in no way worth waiting more than the time it takes to have one drink at the bar, let alone the hour or more that is the usual wait time. All in all, while we were glad we checked it out, and the cost was reasonable for the very good food, none of us felt it could be classified as excellent and we would be unlikely to go again.