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Sep 2, 2010 12:06 PM

Are there decent peaches anywhere?

It's the end of the summer and I'm semi appalled by the lack of good fruit around. I'd love to find some good peaches, but I've been disappointed by what I've come across at the farmer's markets. I find that if it smells peachy it's a good sign, if it doesn't it's mealy and/or flavorless. And don't get me started on those rock-hard softball sized things from California in the grocery stores.
Has anyone gotten tasty, juicy, fleshy peaches lately? I'd be equally happy with good nectarines or apricots.

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  1. I'm not sure what farmers markets you are hitting. That said, I have had excellent peaches and nectarines from the W97th St. market (peaches from Kernan and nectarines from Locust Grove).

    See also the ongoing discussion of the fabulous peaches here : .

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      Second Locust Grove peaches- this summer's have been some of the best I've ever eaten. Locust Grove is at the 97th St greenmarket, 66th and Broadway and Union Square. They may do other markets as well.

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        I think Locust Grove even has signs up regularly now touting their nectarines as "the sweetest nectarines on earth". They are that good this year.

    2. not organic but the ones at amish market downtown have been great. and inexpensive too.

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        New Jersey peaches are pretty good this year: at any supermarket.

      2. Garden of Eden on 23rd & 7th had some nice donut peaches as of last week.

        1. One of the orchards at the farmers market on 9th ave around 57th (at the north end) has had some very good peaches lately, as well as other excellent fruit. They have samples too in case you want to check for yourself before buying.

          1. The peaches at the Union Square farmer's market have been excellent. Not sure what the farm is called - Ive only been going to that stand for 10+ years. Its sort of facing the Coffee Shop - they have all sorts of pies/turnovers in addition to peaches and apples.

            Last Saturday as I was picking out my peaches, a woman next to me was roughly handling them and proclaimed "these dont smell peachey enough for me" as she left. I dont care what they smell like - they're wonderful, juicy and plenty peachy to me. They have excellent white peaches and doughnut peaches too.