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Sep 2, 2010 12:05 PM

New Thai Restaurant nr. Flemington

A new Thai restaurant called Savory Thai is slated to open near Flemington. It's in the Prestige Plaza on Route 31N (the same plaza where Stop and Shop is located).

Strangely, while the restaurant has not opened yet its web site is up and running. Looks like pretty standard Thai fare so let's hope it's good! Right now, I go to Somerville for my Thai fix so this new place is a welcome addition in Hunterdon County.

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  1. Great news. Always looking for good Thai. I also noticed a sign for a new Fillipino restaurant opening on Rt 31 in Flemington close to Hunterdon Central. Looking forward to that, too.

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    1. re: madgreek99

      Just came back from Flemington and saw the sign for this place. It says Fillipino-American but that's OK with me. It could have been yet another Italian place! :-))

      The Fillipino restaurant will be on Route 31S, opposite Dunkin' Donuts.

    2. Thw website now says grand opening 10/18.

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      1. re: dawnj

        Yup, there is also a handwritten sign on their front door that says the same thing. This replaces an older sign saying they would open in September. :-))

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          According to their (incredibly slow) website, they opened last Monday, the 18th. Going to see if husband wants to check it out tonight - will report back if we go.

        2. I had lunch there yesterday, and it was excellent. I could see that they put a lot of thought and care into the little touches that are often overlooked. The dinner menu looks a little pricey for the neighborhood, but I'll be trying it out soon.

          1. Went to Savory Thai for dinner tonight. It's theonly truly Thai restaurant in Flemington. I would rate it as average.
            The decor was nice but maybe a little overdone for what this place actually is. It seems that they are going for a more upscale look (think Origin - Somerville), but really only have average Thai food.
            We had the appetizer sampler, which was pretty good. The satay was tender and tasty and the requisite peanut dipping sauce was very good. The curry puffs had an odd texture to me, but the taste was OK. There were also spring rolls which were good and the dipping in sauce was nice. The coconut milk soup (Tom Kha) was actually quite delicious. There was a nice strong lemongrass flavor and the mushrooms were fresh and tasty. The soup was actually the high point of the entire evening.
            For main courses we got the pad thai, the shrimp in clay pot, and the Massaman Curry. None of them were very good. The pad thai was a nice large portion, but unfortunately pretty bland. The Shrimp in Clay Pot was also bland. Actually the glass noodles were tasty but the shrimp had absolutely no flavor. The Massaman Curry had a strange aftertaste. I can't really put my finger on what it was, but it was a bit off-putting.
            By far, the worst part of the evening was the service. Or, should I say, lack of service. There was one waitress and one busboy working the entire restaurant (which was FULL tonight). It took forever to get their attention and they never once came around to our table without being beckoned. Someone in our party spilled a glass of water and we never could find someone to help clean up or even bring us extra napkins once all of ours were used in the clean up process.
            I'm not sure whether or not these issues exist because the restaurant is, admittedly, fairly new. Even though there are no other Thai options in Flemington, I just don't see myself going back anytime soon.
            FYI - Savory Thai is a BYO with a liquor store conveniently next door.

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            1. re: madgreek99

              Madgreek99, have you been to Pru Thai in Clinton and, if you have, how does it compare to Savory Thai? I've had some very good food at Pru Thai but the last visit was disappointing. Food just wasn't as good as it had been.

              1. re: ambrose

                Yes, I've been to Pru Thai several times. It used to be one of my faves, but the last year or so, not so much. Same goes for Siam in Lambertville. Used to love it, but it slipped so much I haven't been in maybe 2 years.
                As far as comparing Pru ThaI to Savory Thai - they are similar. Similar size, similar price point. The decor at Savory is nicer, the service is Pru is much better. Many of the same menu options. I do think the food is better at Pru Thai, though, even with their recent slippage. If I had to choose one, I would definitely choose Pru Thai, even though it is a further drive for me.

                Pru Thai
                6 East Main Street, Clinton, NJ 08809

              2. re: madgreek99

                Vistied for the first time this week. I typically frequent Thai Kitchen in Somerville. I was very disappointed with Savory Thai, primarily because the meats used in their dishes were pretty lousy. The chicken "slices" used for the appetizer were thin and too dry and lacked flavor. Worse yet was the beef in my dish and that of a another member of our party. It must have been a cheap cut of chuck normally reserved for use in a stew or soup. It was very tough and chewy, By the time I finished my meal, my mouth was sore from chewing and pieces of meat were stuck between my teeth from this ordeal. Although flavors were decent, I found that they were not harmoniously blended, maybe the result of hasty dish preparation in an attempt to get the dish to the table. A saltiness was prominent above the sweet and sour flavors and separate from them. Perhaps this was because the server brought a chicken dish in error originally and the chef attempted to quickly prepare the beef dish I had ordered. Nevertheless, I cannot believe how bad the beef quality was in the dish, and the lack of pride and consideration shown in using it. On top of this, the prices were higher than what I have been used to paying for the same dishes at Thai Kitchen in Somerville. The latter I highly recommend as being worth the trip, even if Savory Thai is just down the street for you. I do not work for and have no relationship with anyone involved in either of these business concerns.

                Thai Kitchen
                320 US Highway 206 N, Chester, NJ 07930

              3. Unfortunately, we've had a similiar experience at Savory Thai. The service was terrible - while the hostess was pleasant, it took quite a bit of time before anyone came to our table to receive our order. Once the food arrived, we were missing a plate (we were sharing dishes) but couldn't get anyone's attention to fix the situation. We ordered a whole fish with chili sauce, a beef curry dish and a drunken noodle dish. The drunken noodles were the only dish we really enjoyed. The sauce on the fish dish was good, but the fish was overcooked and dry. We also found the beef in the curry dish to be very tough and would up leaving almost all of it on the plate. No server came by to inquire about our meal or to refill our drinks. It would have been nice to have a good Thai place in Flemington, but I'd rather drive further and get better food.