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Sep 2, 2010 12:03 PM

Where can I find Black Rice or Forbidden Rice in Los Angeles


Anyone know where I can find Black or Forbidden Rice anywhere in LA. Anywhere close to the Grove Mall or Fairfax and Wilshire would be great.

Oh.. I'm looking for the ingredient, not venues that serve black/forbidden rice dishes.


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  1. You could try Monsieur Marcel in the Fairfax Farmers market. If not there, I've bought it at Surfas (in Culver City).

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      Surfas! I will call both places! Thanks!

    2. I've always seen it at Whole Foods.... It's a small bag from Lotus Foods


      1. I've seen it at Surfas too

        1. Whole Foods for sure - and I think I've also seen it at Trader Joe's?

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            You know, I've never seen it at TJs sadly.... And believe me, I would remember if I did... They have LOTS of Wild Rice though, which is also black...


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              I have seen forbidden rice at my Irvine TJ's. But it's like a year ago, and you know how quickly items rotate out of stock if they don't move. Ask the manager at your local store.

              Not that this will help the OP, because 99 Ranch doesn't have a store Mid City-ish, but I have seen it there. Maybe try one of the Korean supermarkets in K-town?

            2. Chinese markets (you can try the 99 Ranch in the Valley if you don't want to trek to the SGV) have a dark colored rice which is a little less delicate, but also a lot cheaper than so-called forbidden rice. You can cook it mixed with standard brown or white rice (it will turn the color of the entire mixture a uniform dark color, so the resulting rice will all appear dark black-purple).