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Sep 2, 2010 11:54 AM

Paris: A Memorable Evening for 190 Euros per person with wine

OK Paris's the deal: While I'm familiar with the better ** and *** restaurants in Paris, I'm less up to speed on their price points as compared to the experts on this board. I have a client who will be in Paris for just two night in late October. We've agreed their dinners should include one traditional bistro (I'm advising Josephine) and one Michelin-star restaurant. While I know the great value is some of the lunch tasting menus, they don't want to decommission themselves for a complete afternoon given their short time in the city. They are in their mid-40s and quite into great food, but even moreso into great wines and exceptional pairings. I think they would do best with a relatively informal restaurant (I realize it's all relative in this category!) and I don't think they'd want a spot that might be too far on the cutting edge. But it doesn't have to be super traditional either. The budget is somewhat flexible for a truly memorable experience, but probably only up to 250 Euros per person for two. Your counsel is most appreciated. Cheers!

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  1. A one-star that I like which doesn't get a lot of buzz is Le Passiflore on Rue de Longchamp in the 16th. Good wine list and within your price range.

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      There is also Vin Sur Vin, with a fine wine selection; we liked the entrees and desserts; the plats were just OK. Passiflore is arguably a superior one star, at least in terms of food quality. But at this level, it's all about personal opinion.

    2. Without any idea of how your clients use the term "great" with respect to wines, one can only suggest they examine the wine lists provided on some restaurant websites or, if possible, examine the lists at the restaurants prior to dining. Based on my experience, I would suggest: dine at Le Cinq and make sure the manager is there. He was the sommelier when I first dined at Le Cinq, and when we discussed wines and I told him what I liked he understood that I knew wines and supplied wines of the correct caliber and condition, obviously enormously superior to and far more costly than the usual matching wines provided with the menu. Even better I was charged no more than if I had the usual ones. A fabulous bargain! Legendre was the chef at the time and the food was not memorable.

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        You bring up an interesting and very valid point. We have found that when we put ourselves completely in the hands of the sommelier, after appropriate discussion of our preferences and price range, we are often astounded by the quality of the pairings as well as the very low tab. It is always much lower than choices we would have made. After all, that's their profession and they really enjoy being able to perform.

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          The restaurant has to have a very good wine list. That should be determined in advance. In case you're interested. the wines I had at Le Cinq were a first growth white burgundy and a first growth red burgundy both in excellent condition, newly opened bottles and refills freely and frequently offered. I have at times picked a wine and built the menu around it; when I'm in Paris at the end of this month I think that I will do that, if the opportunity presents itself.