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Sep 2, 2010 10:44 AM

New restaurant in Westlake Village/Agoura Hills

We tried a new restaurant last night in Agoura Hills/Westlake Village, The Hideaway at Lindero in the Lindero Country Club . The address states Agoura Hills but it’s right next to all the businesses that are listed as Westlake Village. It’s only been open for two weeks but aside from some server issues they seemed to have it together pretty good for being open such a short time.

We arrived at 6:30pm and requested the patio. The patio is in a pleasant garden like setting and we were the only guests. One other party did arrive around 7:00pm. We did not check out the inside dining room.
It doesn’t have a huge menu but the items on the menu were quite varied and looked enticing. For starters my wife had the Mixed Underwood Farms Organic Baby Lettuce and I had the Caesar Salad. The Caesar Salad was very good, presented in a Parmesan Cheese shell (similar to a taco shell). The dressing was very good and I would have loved more of it. I’ll ask for some extra on the side next time. The Baby greens were good, very fresh and tasty, only drawback was the dressing was a little heavy on the vinegar.

For entree’s I had the Chef Grenners World Chili, made with Buffalo and my wife had the Roasted Trio of Heirloom Beets. I asked for the Chili to be hot (spicy). While we were waiting Executive Chef Robert Grenner came by to inquire about the level of spiciness I wanted. We discussed the types of chili’s he had and I asked for some Habanero Sauce and chopped serrano’s on the side, in case it wasn’t hot enough for me.

My wife enjoyed the beet salad, stating it wasn’t extraordinary but was enjoyable. My chili was great, and in fact, it was hot enough without the added chilis! It was a huge portion and I’m having the rest of it for lunch today (can’t wait).

The prices were very acceptable: Caesar $6.50, Martini’s $8.00, Roasted Trio $8.50 and the Chili $10.95. Total bill, including 2 maritinis and one coke: $58.61 (+ tip). Corkage is $20.00.

The only flaw in the evening was the service. Our waitress, a very sweet (and young) girl was obviously trying very hard, but she fell flat in timing and bringing requested (and promised) items. Not a terrible, but like I said, the only flaw. With a little more experience she may be all right.

We were enjoying our meal and Robert came out again to check on us. We had a nice conversation with him about the places he’s worked (check out his bio on the web site) and that we frequent. He is quite knowledgeable about restaurants and the chef’s in the area as well as in Los Angeles.

We were shocked and surprised when the waitress brought out a nice cheese and fruit platter compliments of the chef.

We’ll be going back to try other items on the menu, if I can pass up the chili!! Here is their website; you can make reservations at Open Table:

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  1. Thanks Press! I didn't even know that Hideaway was there and I go up South Lake Lindero Drive and pass it all the time.
    The prices seem reasonable too. I think many people think that if you go up that Lake Lindero Country Club driveway that you have to be a member of the club to eat or hang out and that's not true..
    It really is hidden away over there!

    1. We are still mourning the loss of Cravings. Funny you mention chilis in your post. When Robert found out that I'm a chili head he made me a lagniappe that consisted of deep fried jalapenos dressed with fresh lime juice and a sprinkling of salt that was so good!
      I'm not in the area any longer but we are going to make a trip over there very soon!

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      1. re: sel

        Hi, sel.
        Where did Robert go?
        I last saw him a couple of years ago in Westlake Village Bristol Farms.
        Is he still in the food business? I hope so...he was very passionate.

        Thanks, LesThePress, for posting on this new Hideaway restaurant.

        1. re: liu

          Hey liu, check the 'Chef Bio' tab on the new restaurants website at the end of LesThePress's original post above for complete info on Chef Grenner. As the song says:"I'm so excited!"

          1. re: sel

            Hi, sel!
            Thanks for being so gentle and kind with my complete oversight of this! I thought your reference to Cravings and Chef Robert was merely a geographical coincidence because the post was about restaurants in this area. I appreciate your directing me to Chef Grenner's, suddenly I am interested in this new restaurant! And that is quite an impressive list of experiences for him!