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Sep 2, 2010 10:43 AM

Feta as a Sub for Gorgonzola?

I love making America's Test Kitchen's Four Cheese Pasta, but my boyfriend is allergic to blue cheese. I was thinking of substituting feta cheese. Are they any other non-blue alternatives to Gorgonzola that might work better? Thanks!

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  1. Is he allergic to all blue-veined cheese?
    Feta would be just fine, just anticipate that it's not as "melty" ;-)
    I recently made a Greek-inspired creamy shrimp and pasta dish with feta and it was delicious. Then again. I adore feta.

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    1. re: monavano

      I'm not sure if he is or not, but he won't touch the stuff because he doesn't want to take the risk. I was thinking the same thing about feta not melting as well. But how bad can it be, considering how good feta is? ; )

    2. what are the other 3 cheeses? Why not just use those and leave out the feta? Since feta (at least to me) is nothing like blue, I'm not sure of the need to use a substitute cheese. Are you just trying to get the saltiness in?

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      1. re: DGresh

        The other cheeses are parmesiano reggiano, danish fontina, and gruyere. I have made it before without the blue cheese, but the flavor was so much milder. I thought since feta has a tang, it might add that potency back into the dish that it lacks without the gorgonzola.

      2. I'm thinking switch them all out... but in the same vein:
        Pecorino Romano, Italian Fontina, Goat. More "tang" all around. If you want a 4th use Asadero,
        a smooth yellow cheese with a strong flavor.

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        1. re: Gio

          Thanks! I'll try this out, since I love goat cheese.