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Sep 2, 2010 09:57 AM

The Loft Project - Nuno Mendes

Has anyone eaten here? I made reservations for my fiancé and I when we go to London next week, but I am still on the fence. It costs £120 per person with VAT and wine included.

The night we are planning to go, Ollie Dabbous will be the chef and it appears as though there are 11 courses planned.

Is this worth it or is it over-hyped? Advice?


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  1. I really loved Viajante but was rather underwhelmed when Nuno cooked at his loft a year ago. Tiny bits of artistic vegetables and stingy wine (the table bonded by pulling straws for who, Oliver style, should ask for some more), but it has had rave reviews so maybe it was an off night. Odd as the food that night bore little relation to Viajante, and it was meant to be the testing ground.

    1. i ate at the loft when nuno was cooking and loved it. full review incl. pictures on my blog but in summary i thought it was great fun, the food was imaginative and inspiring (not all dishes were great and some diners had more problems than others). we had no problem with the size of dishes or amount of wine.

      1. Ugh, we ended up declining the whole deal. We're eating at Marcus Wareing on Thursday night, so we figured that would be expensive enough on its own, without adding an extra £250 to our overall budget!

        So, now we have Saturday/night free to wander the city and hopefully find something fun to do and some good food to eat!

        Thanks for the feedback, though!