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Sep 2, 2010 09:13 AM

Birthday dinner in/near Williamstown, MA?

New England hounds,

I know absolutely nothing about your fair area. I'm a Great Lakes and New Orleans Hound.

My mission: Get my father some recommendations for my mother's 70th birthday on the 23rd. They are going to be visiting HIS mother in Williamstown, that weekend.

He doesn't put much stock in celebrating these types of occasions, but I've admonished him that he damn well BETTER do something. A nice dinner out would be just the ticket.

They are not fussy diners in any respect.

I'm looking for something within easy driving distance for them and something that will, hopefully, be memorable.

Chowhound has been tremendously helpful, before, when I need to dredge up recommendations for their travels. I'm hoping for great success, again.

I doubt that they'll be toting uber-dressy attire, if that helps the recommendations, any.

Have seen "Mezze" in my searches, but the reviews have been uneven.

Any, and all, help will be appreciated.

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  1. I would check out Mezzo Bistro-Bar in Williamstown.

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    1. re: breadfan

      We went to Mezze (not Mezzo) a couple of weeks ago & were really disappointed. We loved meals we'd had at their previous location a few years ago; the staff was attentive & friendly, the menu was creative, the food delish & the room comfortable & welcoming. This time the staff was standoffish, the menu rather one-dimensional (that dimension being pork), the fish we had (either haddock or halibut, I can't remember) simply boring, & the new, much more formal room left us cold, both literally & figuratively. Beautiful grounds, though.

      How about the Mill on the Floss, especially for your parents & grandmother? It's on rte. 7 in New Ashford, 8 miles south of the center of Williamstown. Haven't been there for a couple of years but when we went it was astonishing: we had a wonderful meal with great service--even though the power was out the entire evening! It's a lovely setting too.

      1. re: graciesquare

        I was at Mezze this past week and was also disappointed- found the menu too limited and agreed with graciesquare's assessment above. I would recommend Mill on the Floss as a substitute.

        1. re: hopegoode


          As I indicated in my original post, the comments about Mezze were VERY uneven.

          While it's only one mile from my grandmother's house, and she would not be going out this night, I will re-recommend.

          I'll look into Mill on the Floss, immediately.

          1. re: Monch

            I recommend that you take the 30-minute drive to Pittsfield and dine at Jae's Spice, or go a little further and have dinner at Mazzeo's. Both restaurants are very good.

    2. We went to Mill on the Floss last week and it was divine!!