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Sep 2, 2010 09:07 AM

ACL weekend - must have foods?

Going to be down for the ACL weekend - group of five 31 yr olds.

Looking for great food in the downtown area - bbq, mexican, tex-mex, food carts, etc. Delicious, affordable and accessable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We don't want to get stuck not knowing where to go and then having something sub-par or being stuck on sixth street just because we don't know better.


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  1. I will assume you're going to be sharing a car and are willing to drive a bit.
    I'd direct you to South Congress Avenue, or South Lamar Blvd. Both of these streets are lined with good places to eat, including lots of good trailers. Trailers are real big in Austin and there is great food to be had from many of them.
    Also, both of these are main streets that will be hard to get lost on and pretty easy to navigate.
    Eat hearty and welcome to Austin!
    And this is just my take - but Sixth Street would be the last place I'd recommend to a visitor. There are better venues for grown-ups; both food and booze-wise.

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      agree with a caveat, the trailer scene on South Congress if falling behind others. I would also mention 6th East of 35. Great trailers, East Side Showroom, Good Knight, Eastside King, etc. A great bar and food area

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      1. If you're looking for trailers, might be a good resource for you. No actual reviews, but they do have menus and user ratings. Have fun!