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Sep 2, 2010 09:07 AM

Any advice for on-the-road outside Seattle?

I'm coming to the Pacific Northwest for the first time on my honeymoon and I would love any suggestions for the road trip portions of the vacation. We're doing Portland-Seattle-Vancouver and I think I've done enough research to eat for days in each city but any help on the parts in between would be great.
We'll be going from Portland up to the Olympic Peninsula likely staying at the Kalaloch Lodge. From there we'll continue around the park on 101 through Port Angeles then to Bainbridge Island and Seattle.
From Seattle we're going to the San Juan Islands and then to Vancouver.

Any advice on places to eat along 101 up by Olympic National Park? How does this road trip sound? Any glaring faults in the plan? Will we starve? For food we're not too picky but definitely want to eat some oysters and other local cuisine. We also love good bars with above average pub grub.

Thanks so much for any advice!

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  1. Check in the PNW forum to see if there are recs for specific towns, like Port Angeles, but in general, the Olympic Peninsula is a food wasteland. The towns are generally depressed ex-logging towns. Port Townsend should have some decent options (hopefully there are recs if you search) so if you're in the area near mealtime, it would be worth the detour.

    There are some very good eats in the San Juans (Orcas in particular), and I know there are threads about that. Here's a good list of markets, etc, in the islands:

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      Thanks. The PNW board kicked me over here but I'll do some town/island specific searches there.

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        Christy, Xinh's at the north end of Shelton, Washington on the peninsula offers outstanding seafood. (Especially the mussels and oysters.) Open for dinner only, Xinh's is a true Chowhound destination.

      2. I generally agree about the lack of great food on the Olympic Peninsula. The last time I stayed at Kalaloch, I ate the adjoining restaurant there, Creekside Restaurant. The food was actually pretty good, and the convenience was a big plus. Another option, especially for the beautiful venue, is the Roosevelt Dining Room at Lake Quinault Lodge, where you will enjoy a view of the lake and the mountains beyond. After all, life isn’t just about food, although I’ve been accused otherwise. Port Townsend is a very charming old Victorian town but, in my opinion, there aren’t any restaurants there that are “destination restaurants” worth the detour for the eating alone. If you visit Port Townsend, I’d recommend the Japanese cuisine at Hanazono Asian Noodle. After you pass through Port Angeles on your way to Bainbridge Island, you will pass through Sequim (on the 101), and I can recommend the Dockside Grill in the John Wayne Marina, just southeast of Sequim, for either lunch or dinner. It offers good food in a lovely waterfront setting. On Bainbridge Island, your two best bets are Hitchcock and Four Swallows. On Orcas Island in the San Juans, I’d recommend Inn at Ship Bay. One of the Seattle Board stalwarts, equinoise, listed it as the most memorable meal he’d had in the Seattle area in the last year. You can read the description of his meal at Hope this helps.

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          P.S. On your way to Bainbridge Island, you will pass through the outskirts of Poulsbo on Highway 305. There is an outstanding Vietnamese restaurant there, Pno T&N, serving very good pho and other Vietnamese dishes. It’s in the Poulsbo Village Shopping Center between the UPS Store and the Albertson’s supermarket. The entrance to the shopping center is at NE Liberty Rd. Very delicious and very inexpensive. Highly recommended.

          Pho T&N
          19641 7th Ave. NE
          Poulsbo, WA 98370
          (360) 394-1601